Last week we made a call for help in identifying these young protesters pictured at the gates of RTÉ in Donnybrook back in 1974. We are happy to say that we have managed to identify five of the 'Montrose 9' as they have become known.

From left to right, we have Robert Frawley, Alan Frawley, David Keegan, Louise Keegan (cousins of the Frawleys) and Frank Madden (now deceased) at the back. The other children are still unidentified but it is believed they were from the same family.

A special thanks to Alan Frawley, at the time age 4, who kindly contacted RTÉ Archives to relay his memories of the protest.

In December 1994 children picketed the Nutley Lane entrance to RTÉ, in protest at the proposed axing of the RTÉ Television children's show 'Wanderly Wagon' in December 1974. The series was not cancelled and this photograph was published in an RTÉ Guide article previewing its return on 31 January 1975.