What's Required of a Journalist?

The job of the journalist is the focus of attention in 'Learning for Life' broadcast on this day in 1975.

A nose for news, a notebook and ambition are just some of the basic skills required of a journalist. But what makes a good journalist and what training is required if any? These are the questions asked by John Bowman in this report for ‘Learning for Life’ in 1975.

Journalists and academics argue the case for learning on the job and the need for a more structured academic training for journalists. Journalist Michael Heaney, news editor with The Irish Times, Donal Foley, editor with the Carlow Nationalist, Liam Bergin, journalism lecturer Tom Savage, and Seán Egan, director of the journalism course at the Rathmines College of Commerce, offer their opinions on the ever-changing expectations placed on journalists.

This episode of 'Learning for Life' was broadcast on 2 July 1975.

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