What makes a good journalist and what training is required, if any?

The job of the journalist is the focus of attention in 'Learning for Life' broadcast on 2 July 1975.

All an aspiring journalist needs is a nose for news, a notebook and ambition. All of these help of course, but are they enough today for a job of increasing complexity and importance?

John Bowman meets with journalists, editors and educators to get their views on the different routes to journalism from learning on the job to getting a formal training.

Journalist Michael Heney says of journalism

80% of it is bad communication... Communication is a desperately difficult thing.

Donal Foley, News Editor of The Irish Times, believes that the demands of journalism are growing and more specialist. Liam Bergin, Editor of the Carlow Nationalist, comments on vocational training for journalists.   

So what is the best path to journalism?

At the College of Commerce in Rathmines journalism lecturer Tom Savage and Course Director Sean Egan comment on the formal education path to journalism and perceptions of the profession. The College of Commerce is the only college in Ireland offering a two year course in journalism. Sean Egan sees the importance of both on the job training and education in becoming a good journalist.

John Bowman reports on journalism for 'Learning for Life'. This episode of 'Learning for Life' was broadcast on 2 July 1975.