RTÉ Archives are delighted to have been shortlisted for the International Federation of Television Archive’s (FIAT/IFTA) award for the 'Most Innovative Use of Archive'. Voting for this award is open to the public. Vote now on the FIAT/IFTA website.

RTÉ Archives have been recognised for a campaign that brought the broadcast of a presumed lost episode of 'The School Around the Corner' fifty years after it was first seen on television. The FIAT/IFTA Jury found "The School Around the Corner to be a wonderful example of how an old, forgotten program with the help of the public can create a new innovative product."


In 2012 RTÉ Archives discovered an episode of ‘The School Around the Corner’ which had been recorded in Cork fifty years earlier. The programme featured five national school children and RTÉ Archives set out to find them. A joint campaign across RTÉ asked the public for their help. Shown here is five year old Noel O'Driscoll singing 'Katy Daly'.

  • The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1 began the search for the five children who had appeared on the programme and would now be aged between 55 and 62.
  • RTÉ News also featured a piece on the Six One News.
  • Screen grabs of the children were published on the websites of the John Murray Show and RTÉ Archives and through Twitter via @RTEArchives asking the public for help in identifying and contacting the children.
  • In the end three of the five children were found.
  • ‘Nationwide’ on RTÉ Television featured the adults and their families reacting to seeing themselves as children appearing on television 50 years previously.
  • The 35mm tele-recording was re-graded by RTÉ Archives staff and a widescreen version of the programme was created for broadcast.
  • ‘The School Around the Corner from Cork’ which was first broadcast on the 23 December 1962 was shown for only the second time on the 23 of December 2012, fifty years to the day it was first broadcast.
  • The programme was then made available worldwide on the RTÉ Player for 21 days.

The FIAT/IFTA Awards recognise the work of the archivists world-wide and RTÉ Archives is proud to have been nominated.
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