Thanks to Eamon Byers for suggesting this 4 piece as 'The Sands Family'. Eamon has also gone so far as to identify each of the members from left to right as Colum, Anne, Tommy and Ben. Possibly the fastest response to date. We really appreciate the feedback.
If anyone has any further suggestions on this photo, please let us know.

This week our photograph shows a group appearing on the traditional music programme 'The Humours of Donnybrook'. The photograph was taken at a recording of the programme made in September 1979. The photographer was Mary Lee. 

Any idea who the musicians are?

Contact us at or on Twitter @RTEArchives

'The Humours of Donnybrook' was first broadcast 20 December 1978.

Thanks for all those who have helped us with our requests for information with photographs over the last few weeks. We have been able to improve our records by adding a lot of names that we did not know.

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