Earlier this week we asked for your help with identifying the panellists that appeared alongside presenter John Bowman on the 1968 programme 'Right to Reply'.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us with their suggestions.

Among the names that have been put forward so far include: Michael O'Leary, Liam Cosgrave, Alan Shatter, Michael Woods, Anthony Clare, and Desmond O'Malley.

We think it is Liam Cosgrave sitting far right but are not able to confirm the others.

What do you think? All suggestions welcome.

The photograph shows presenter John Bowman and panellists on RTÉ Television's 'Right of Reply', in Studio 2 on 11 November 1968. This programme invited viewers into studio to question and criticise RTÉ programme-makers. Presenter John Bowman is in the centre but the panellists are unidentified. The programme under discussion is RTÉ Television's popular music show 'Like Now!'.

This photograph was taken on 11 November 1968 by Des Gaffney.

If you have any information about this photograph you can contact us at archives@rte.ie or on Twitter @RTEArchives

'Right to Reply' was a fortnightly series about television programmes. Viewers were given the opportunity to discuss their criticisms with those who make the decisions and make the programmes in RTÉ. 'Right to Reply' was presented by John Bowman and produced by Sean O Mordha.

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