RTÉ Archives has discovered an episode of 'School Around the Corner' from 1962. The programme is presented by Paddy Crosbie who meets 5 wonderful children.

We are trying to find out what became of these five primary school students from Cork who appeared on the programme.

We think this programme was recorded at Collins Barracks in Cork on either the 9th of November or the 9th of December 1962.
The programme was broadcast on 23 December, 1962.

These five youngsters would now be aged between 55 and 62.

  • Mary McQuaid, aged 11, says she wants to be a teacher and tells a story about her aunt putting coal in the dinner.
  • Stephen Butt, aged 10 or 11, likes to play ball and cowboys. He describes how to play pontoon and recites the poem 'The Snail'.
  • Martin Nolan, aged 12, sings 'Somewhere the sun is shining'.
  • Máire Ní Dhúgáin, aged 8, speaks to Paddy Crosbie in Irish about her doll and getting up in the morning.
  • Noel O'Driscoll, aged 5, mentions having a brother James. He describes playing a trick by placing a bottle of water over a door and tells the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and sings ‘Katie Daly’.

Do you recognise any of them? If so, we would love to know what became of them.

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About 'School Around the Corner'
'School Around the Corner' began on radio in 1954, was transferred to television on the 2 January 1962 and soon became one of the most popular programmes on the new television service. In addition to presenting the show, Paddy Crosbie was the originator and writer of 'School Around the Corner'.

It was the first Telefís Éireann programme to be pre-recorded in 1961; the first episode was broadcast on 2 January 1962. The format of the programme saw Paddy Crosbie chat to school children often with hilarious results.

The programme continued until 1966 on RTÉ Television before returning to RTÉ Radio for another year. It was again revived on radio in 1973. Between 1990-1994 'The School Around the Corner' returned to television and was presented by Gerry Ryan.