Is it a car or a plane ? It's both, actually.

Updated / Thursday, 8 Mar 2018 17:08

You'll need a pilot's license as well as a driver's license - and deep pockets - for the PAL-V.

By Donal Byrne

It may not be exactly a new idea, but one Dutch company says it is now taking orders for its car plane. But it does'nt come cheap and you'll need a pilot's licence too.

PAL-V unveiled the latest concept in flying cars at the Geneva Motor Show yesterday and described it as the "moment where the wall between fiction and fact is torn down". Mmmm. The company is now in the last stages of the certification process but is already taking orders for the plane - at about €600,000 a pop.

It will take two people and has land speed of 160 KPH and a flying speed of 180 KPH and a range of over 400 kilometres. The idea is based on a road-going car that can take to the air as long as the driver is qualified pilot and has deep pockets. But, like all pioneers, the Dutchman behind the project, Robert Dingemanse, is passionately committed. "This is the pivotal point that separates pioneers from dreamers", he says.

The PAL-V car/plane in its grounded position.

The company says the first delivery will take place in 2019. Chief Engineer, Mike Stekelenburg, said his team deliberately chose to go for technology that was already proven rather than rely on concepts. "This approach enables a realistic first product delivery date". In case you are interested, you will need to get an order in quickly. Only 90 of the first model will be sold but another is planned - this time at a proposed price of €299,000. You'll get flying lessons thrown in and the company is insisting on non-refundable deposits. But you will get full leather upholstery.

This is definitely one for the early adaptors. The only things they will have to figure out are where the nearest runway is and where the runaway is when they arrive at their destination !