The car that will drive the kids to school - without you

Updated / Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 15:05

The I.D. Vizzion will have full self-driving capability and requires no driver input whatsoever.

By Donal Byrne

It has no steering wheel and no pedals and will drive itself independently - even a child can travel alone in it. Volkswagen's latest concept for the future of motoring offers a real sense of the future of cars.

By the time the I.D. Vizzion is launched - whenever that is - Volkswagen will have left the sorry mess that is Dieselgate well behind it.

This car, which will be shown at the Geneva motor show next month, points the way to Volkswagen's future development of cars and fossil fuel don't feature. This car will have an electric engine and it is aimed to have it produce 297 horsepower from a lithium-ion battery pack and to have a driving range of 665 kilometres.

That is the range point at which many experts believe the electric car will become a very feasible choice to replace a conventionally-powered car and eliminate any range anxiety.

The Vizzion will also have four-wheel drive.

You won't need to use your hands or feet because there's no steering wheel or pedals.

The Vizzion won't have a steering wheel or pedals. It won't even have a conventional dashboard. This will be replaced by a "virtual host" that will respond to gesture and voice control. The car will steer and navigate its way through traffic thanks to a "digital chauffeur" that assume control of the car. In fact, no driver input will be required at any time and this ultimate 

This is the first proposed fully self-driving car to come from Volkswagen, which will introduce a steady stream of electric cars from next year on, beginning with a small hatchback. This will be followed by an SUV and even a futuristic electric version of the legendary camper van. The company says that by 2025 there will be 20 electric vehicles in the model range and sales of one million EV's are predicted annually.

The Vizzion is still a concept car but all the indications from VW and other manufacturers are that cars like this are the cars of the future. Safer, cleaner, technologically advanced and offering much greater motoring freedom than is possible today, they are part of our future. It's only a question of exactly when that will happen.