Something For The Weekend: Wyvern Lingo's Cultural Picks

Updated / Friday, 9 Feb 2018 09:58

Wyvern Lingo: (L to R) Caoimhe Barry Karen Cowley (centre) and Saoirse Duane

Choice cultural picks from Karen Cowley, of highly touted vocal harmony group (and Bray natives) Wyvern Lingo, who release their debut album later this month.


Well the most recent film I've been to see is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. It's about a mother and how determined she is in her quest to find justice for her daughter's murder. It's dark, funny and even deeply moving at times. I wouldn't say it's not the most successfully executed storyline, but I think it's worth a watch all the same, even if just for Frances McDormand's performance. Could watch her all day, she's a boss. 


Lots and lots.... We all grew up listening to classic rock albums that our parents had, and we are all 90’s babies, so we are big fans of RnB. Its hard to pick just one album or one song, so if you are curious about what we listen to and music that inspires us, go check out our playlists on Spotify.   


It would normally be a challenge for me to read anything other than fiction, but Aoife Mc Elwain's Slow at Work is an absolute game changer for anyone who struggles with balance and productivity. In Wyvern Lingo, there are so many other jobs to be done other than writing and performing, which can sometimes be stressful and difficult to manage. McElwain's book is a hilarious, relatable, and practical guide to spinning 20 plates and still being able to remain calm. Her research is fascinating, and conclusions well drawn. I've had the most productive January of my life. 


There was a play showing this January in the New Theatre in Dublin; Save and Quit, written by an English playwright, Sophia Leuner. It's my second time going back to see it - it's a beautifully written play about the subtlety and humour of sadness and loneliness, set in London and Dublin. The writing was so insightful and the characters so believable that I was driven to laughter and tears - both times! 


A worthy mention must go to Derry Girls - if you haven't already started watching it, comedy gold. The three of us are huge Game of Thrones fans, of course we are, our name is WYVERN Lingo. Mad for dragons, so we are. 


The biggest gig I last attended was Steely Dan in the 3 Arena, with support from the Doobie Brothers. Never thought I'd be able to say that! I didn't get tickets and thought I wasn't going to be able to go but luckily my brother injured himself and I got his tickets. Yes! What a gig! Next gig the three of us are going to is The Rubberbandits, as part of the Bray Comedy Festival! Our first time seeing them and we're V excited about it! 


The most impressive exhibition I've seen recently is one of Aoife Dunne's 'Limitless', held in her home turf of Blanchardstown last August. This particular show was about insecurities in the digital world, and the irrational strive for perfection. In general her work is always very visually striking and very playful, and I love it. We've had the pleasure of working with her as a stylist in past (for the Letter to Willow EP cover), and she is definitely a young creative to keep an eye on! 

Radio/Podcast – Currently listening to The BlindBoy Podcast. It’s the right amount of dark, disturbing, witty and comforting all at the same time. We have recently started doing our own podcast series called Lingoland, we talk about the songs on our upcoming album, the process, arrangement and influences. Check it out! 


We are getting ready for our big tour coming up so we have all downloaded the Booksmart Touring app. I would also recommend to get a yoga app and try do a little bit once a day. It totally clears your head.

The Next Big Thing...

Our Album!

Wyvern Lingo release their eponymous debut album on Friday 23 February - find out more here.