Robbie Williams reveals all about sleep eating and UFOs

Updated / Thursday, 7 Dec 2017 23:00

They're behind you, Rob!!!

Robbie Williams has been talking about his habit of "sleep eating" and how he has witnessed UFOs while "totally sober". 

In his only Irish radio interview, the great entertainer joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 on Thursday afternoon to talk about his new book, Reveal.

It's his second autobiography and he explained to Ray that while his first book, Feel, was about tackling the "lies" told about him, his new tome was all about entertaining.

Robbie also spoke about his gigs in Ireland, playing the Phoenix Park and, more recently, the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

"The Irish crowd give me something that the rest of the world don't. There's an energy and a madness that's palpable, other places come close but there's nowhere like Ireland." he said. 

When Robbie played the Aviva earlier this summer, he invited his dad, Peter, on stage for a duet of Joe Dolan's You're Such a Good Looking Woman.

"Joe's always had a special place in my heart," Robbie said. "My dad worked very closely with him doing cabaret when he was a singer and comedian. Joe bounced me up and down on his knee when I was a baby."

"The Irish crowd give me something that the rest of the world don't."

He also revealed that he suffered "sleep eating" for two years and said he'd wake up in the morning thinking he was having eating dreams. Two weeks into it, he discovered a trail of crumbs that could only have come from him.

"We tried locking me into the bedroom, but I'd escape through the window... there's a huge element of comedy to it." Robbie said.

He added: "I've seen stuff that I can't explain... I've had a UFO right above my head, totally sober. Less that a 150 feet above my head and there it was."