Nicola leaves Phelan behind on Coronation Street

Updated / Friday, 10 Nov 2017 10:30

Kate and Rana kiss on Coronation Street

This week on Coronation Street, Phelan and Eileen return from holiday to the news that the house they were doing up has burnt down and it looks like arson.

Phelan pretends to be surprised and then takes Nicola to one side to beg her not to ruin his marriage. But Nicola is convinced that Eileen deserves to know who she's married to.

Elsewhere, Zeedan is excited to make preparations for the civil wedding but Rana doesn't share his joy. The chemistry between Kate and Rana reaches boiling point when Kate kisses her. Will Rana call off the wedding?

Robert presents Michelle with a contract making her an equal partner in the bistro. Michelle notices Robert wince in pain as he sits down, but Robert plays it down.

Phelan stares at Anna with hatred as a plan forms in his mind

Meanwhile, Nicola is unable to hide her hatred of Phelan any longer and asks Anna to tell Seb that she has had to move away. Nicola prepares to leave the street for Australia but not before she tells her dad in front of Anna. Phelan is furious he was unable to pull the wool over his daughter's eyes and stares at Anna with hatred, a plan forming in his mind.

Later, having found out that Norris visited Darlington in 1961, Colin confides in a shocked Moira that he reckons Norris might be his father. Will he tell Norris his theory?