Mason makes a promise to Beth on Home and Away

Updated / Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 12:58
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Take a look at an exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's episode of Home and Away.

Ziggy teases Coco that she isn't the only one with secrets, while Coco later yells at Ziggy that she needs to tell her parents the truth...

When Coco is alone outside in the garden, she collapses on the ground and begins convulsing.

Elsewhere, Tori tells Mason that Elle's heart is perfect for Beth, but Elle's husband Brendan is refusing to allow his wife's heart to be used for donation.

Mason is unable to let Beth suffer and goes to speak to Brendan about how his wife's heart can make a difference. However, Brendan becomes angry and upset and shouts at Mason to leave.

"Don't let her die", Mason pleads to Brendan.

Later, Mason makes a promise to Beth that he will find her a heart - by any means necessary.

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