Perry says Six One News offer was "totally out of the blue"

Updated / Friday, 10 Nov 2017 15:37
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Caitríona Perry has been RTÉ News and Current Affairs Washington correspondent since 2013. Now, as her four-year term comes to a close, Caitríona is taking the next big steps down her exciting career path.

The Dublin woman recently attended the Woman of the Year Awards at Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road where she spoke to RTÉ LifeStyle's roving reporter, James Patrice. You can watch the video above.

Caitríona Perry

RTÉ recently revealed that Keelin Shanley and Caitríona Perry are set to become the new presenters of the RTÉ Six One News from January 2018. Speaking of her new role, Caitríona told James that the job was totally unexpected.

"It was totally out of the blue for starters because the job that I have at the moment, I absolutely adore. It's wonderful but my time is coming up so I was kind of thinking 'Oh, my four years are nearly up, what am I going to do next?' and that was going through my mind.

"Then our boss, the head of News John Williams, just rang me and said you know 'There's something I need you to do. Can you come home and be the co-presenter of the Six One News with Keelin Shanley?' and I mean, it's just a fantastic opportunity; Keelin is amazing, I'm so excited to work with her and that we're going to take on the Six One.

"[We have] massive shoes to fill with Bryan [Dobson] and Sharon [Ní Bheoláin] of course, but we're really looking forward to putting our stamp on it as well."

Watch the interview above to hear Caitríona tell James about her new book and her thoughts on the Women of the Year Awards.