Soap Spoilers! The MUST see moments this week

Updated / Monday, 6 Nov 2017 07:00

Mary is convinced Angie has a drinking problem on Corrie

Get a sneak peak at the unmissable moments on this week's soaps!

Coronation Street

Moira calls into The Kabin and is instantly attracted to Colin. Soon afterwards, Adam pays Colin a visit and explains that Rita has changed her mind over her flat. Colin insists it's too late as it's a done deal. Moira is impressed by his attitude.

Later, Adam and Todd search frantically for Colin's contract. Aidan clocks them from across the road, as Adam and Todd make to swap Colin's contract with their forgery.

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Fair City

This week on Fair City, the Brennans make a big impression as they take over Vino's and instantly tell Caoimhe she's being demoted.

Naturally, she is indignant and walks out on her job. She is so fuming she even tries to persuade Dean to follow her.

Elsewhere, Decco encourages Kerri-Ann to confide in him but she immediately regrets bringing up Mondo's name. Decco asks Mondo to make it up to Kerri-Ann but he's left feeling awkward.

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Victoria is shocked when Adam reveals that he found Emma's suicide note in his car, but he refuses to tell the police.Soon afterwards, the police arrive and arrest Adam for Emma's murder, but he continues to deny Emma was in his car.

Later, Ross relays to Pete his earlier conversation with Adam. Pete grows suspicious of Ross, wondering when he found out about their mother's murder, but Ross insists he found out at the same time as Pete.

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Kathy receives a nasty surprise when she comes face-to-face with James Willmott-Brown.

Willmott-Brown explains why he's there and claims that he just wants to put the past behind him, but how will Kathy react to seeing the man who raped her?

Elsewhere, after spending the night with Billy, a guilt-ridden Tina comes clean about how she was the one who knocked over Janet. Billy heads back to the hospital and makes amends with Honey, while Tina fills in Shirley about her confession and decides that it's time to hand herself in to the police.

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Home and Away

On Home and Away this week, Ash takes drastic action to stop Mick, while agreeing to take things slowly with Tori.

Ash and Tori decide to take things one step at a time in their relationship, but things get heavy when Ash finds out that Mick is trying to get into contact with Irene.

Furious at Mick for trying to get through to Irene, Ash takes matters into his own hands, leading him to have to apologise to Tori for overreacting. Meanwhile, Irene refuses to help Mick.

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A dark act casts a cloud over Erinsborough this week, and Piper finds herself choppy waters.

As Hamish makes plans to leave Ramsay Street for good with Tyler, Amy worries about how this will impact Sheila.

As the week goes on it becomes clear that Hamish planning to leave town is the least of her worries as a shocking turn of events rocks the community.

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