Donncha: "My kids - they don't really know what I do"

Updated / Thursday, 14 Jun 2018 14:51
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Donncha O'Callaghan may be a sporting legend in the eyes of the country but to his three little girls he just "smells of rugby" - luckily though his son is on his side!

The Cork man has announced that he will be hanging up his rugby boots after a spectacular 20-year career. Don't worry though, you won't have a chance to miss him from your screens as he has taken on the role of coach on Ireland's Fittest Family.

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A true family man, Donncha told RTÉ LifeStyle that he wants to dedicate more time to his wife and four children. Watch our interview with Donncha in the video above.

"My kids - they don't really know what I do - so it's quite funny when you chat to them. Sophie had to do homework last year and [they asked] 'What does your dad do?' and I couldn't really explain.

"They always comment when I come back from training and I mightn't have showered that I smell of rugby and they're really girl's girls.

They like to be well groomed and well dressed and they've no time for a slob of a dad or their younger brother who's quite slobbish and takes after his dad.

"They haven't a clue, they just know that I play games but if Cork city are on the TV and we're watching that, they'll probably think I'm playing in it which gives me a bit of a kick.

"They've no interest in watching rugby, they want to watch Paw Patrol and My Little Ponies".

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