Desperate Houses

Updated / Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 13:03

Hoarders, take heart. Desperate Houses – the hit RTÉ One series is back!

Let’s face it – as a nation we’re loathe to let things go. We drag everything we own from home to home, filling shelves and spare rooms with knick-knacks, excess furniture and old clothes we just don’t need. One day, a spring clean will come, but somehow, it never does. Until now.

Each week, architect and designer Róisín Murphy and her team bring order to the chaos of a cluttered home – helping hoarders to let go and designing full makeovers of the two worst rooms in the house with help from IKEA Ireland

In episode one Róisín and the Desperate Houses crew spend three days with Annette from Tallaght, helping her rescue two hopelessly cluttered bedrooms.

Annette (60) has lived in this house for over 20 years. She has raised her 3 children in the house (John, Maria and Michelle). Tragically, after just ten years of marriage when the children were only small, she lost her beloved husband, Michael to a brain haemorrhage at the tender age of 32.   And four years ago, she lost her son, John.

Annette loves to hang on to things ‘in case’ someone close to her might need them. Among the jumble of unused furniture and unworn clothes filling her home, hide precious legacies of the past.

The challenge for Róisín will be to help Annette let go of a huge collection of unwanted items but more importantly, Annette will need help and understanding as she reconnects with lost mementos of the past – giving them pride of place in her home.

This will be a journey fraught with emotion and poignancy that will require delicate handling.