The €1.7 million motorway crash involving an Italian supercar

Updated / Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 13:13

The Zonda costs about £1.5 million in the UK. Police want to know what happened this one.

By Donal Byrne

When it comes to super cars they don't come much rarer than Pagani's and ever rarer is the company's Zonda, which costs around €1.7 million. So you can expect the repair bill for this crash to be pretty strato

The Pagani Zonda crashed on the A27 at Tangmere, West Sussex, on Saturday morning just after 7:30am. It's understood the car was one of a convoy travelling on the motorway when it hit a crash barrier.

Pagani is a bespoke Italian maker which creates cars in very small numbers for a select clientele, many of them in Asia and the Middle East.

The price of the car in the UK is about $1.5 million. The car is capable of speeds of up to 320 KPH.

Sussex Police said the driver was not injured but the "one-off" Italian-made car was left with "significant damage". The driver was not injured and police are trying to establish how the crash happened and are appealing for witnesses. 

What's left of the Pagani.

PC Peter De Silvo said: "We believe the Pagani was travelling in convey with some other super sports car from Worthing to Chichester but no other car was at scene upon police arrival.

"Thankfully the driver of the Pagani was uninjured".

Zonda says the Pagani Zonda F was designed to reflect the shared philosophy between Horacio Pagani and world champion race driver Juan Manuel Fangio, which entails "a commitment to a mission, a vision and a goal without neglecting essential concepts such as lightness, safety, performance and inventiveness.

"Their tight friendship, which was soon heading far beyond the simple desire for a Mercedes-Benz engine, reached its highest point in 2005 with the creation of the Zonda F supercar, with logo, design concept and name entirely dedicated to Fangio".