Electric Picnic: What to Pack? #Families

Updated / Thursday, 31 Aug 2017 10:02

What to bring for the wee ones

By Taragh Loughrey-Grant

There is something about having Electric Picnic to look forward at the end of the summer that makes the whole Back to School/Norm Routine a lot less scary! Oohh except that you still have to pack!

Family Camping sold out in jig time this year - I know a couple of families who have been going since the beginning who missed out on tickets for the first time this year.

Mind you, they're still going, without the kids! Not what they wanted but some might say, every cloud... For those of you lucky enough to get tickets, then here's some advice that should come in handy. 

Top packing tips for families: 

What to bring?

Here are EP's Camping Tips for Families

What not to bring!

What to do for babies? 

It is a festival after all so what’s the best advice for protecting little ones ears and beauty sleep?! Soul Kids Manager Gavin Pedersen gave us this advice before and its relevant for EP and every family-friendly festival:

Toddler-friendly tips?

Best family friendly food & food tips?    
Bring things like breakfast bars, breadsticks, crackers, bags of apples, dry goods, carton drinks etc (it will save you money). Most food vendors at the festival will give you a child’s portion if you ask. In the Mindfield area there is a farmers market, well worth a visit for fresh produce.