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What is RTÉ sign-in? FAQs

There are certain features and functions across the range of RTÉ's digital services including websites, and mobile services that are available to signed in users.

These enhanced services allow you to have a more personalised experience when accessing and interacting with RTÉ's digital services and content.

By registering and signing in to RTÉ you can easily access all available features and functions across the range of online services with a single sign-in. You can register with RTÉ sign in using your Facebook or email login details.

What information will RTÉ collect and hold about you?

When you register to services through RTÉ sign in, you will be asked to provide certain information, which we require to provide certain services to you. Some of this information is mandatory, including your date of birth and location.

We need your date of birth to ensure that you are entitled to access and use the services accessible through RTÉ sign in and also to ensure that the content provided to you is appropriate for your age. For example, some material is not suitable for those aged 18 and under.

We require your location to ensure that we comply with any geographical restrictions that may apply to certain RTÉ sign in services.

Will my information be secure?

Sign up ID's are commonly used by media organisations. Confidentiality of your data is paramount. All personal information provided to us by you will be stored securely and will not be shared with third parties (unless you have opted in to do so).

What will my information be used for?

Your registration data will be used primarily to ensure you can access certain content and services on the RTÉ website, interact with other users and also to personalise content and services based on your interests. We will also collect data about your interactions with the website using your RTÉ sign in, such as your browsing history and pages you may have visited on the RTÉ website to further improve your RTÉ sign in experience.

Data collected may be used for in-house research on user demographics to enhance RTÉ's service. The data will be used anonymously and will not be linked to you or any individual users. For any type of communications you will have to explicitly opt-in as per current regulations.

What if I have signed on using my Facebook?

If you have registered through your Facebook account, please note that your social network providers will provide certain information to us, which may include your name, email address, date of birth and gender. In addition certain other information may be provided to us by your social network provider, but this will depend on the privacy settings and the information you have chosen to make public.

Can I use the RTÉ website without signing in?

Yes you can still use the RTÉ website without signing in, but if you wish access the enhanced services on the RTÉ website you will need to sign in.

How do I sign in?

Registration is easy and just requires an email address and a password. Join via our dedicated website or connect through social media via Facebook. Other social media connections will become available in the future.

How will you prevent spamming?

Email validation of your account will be required to protect from spamming and automated scripts. Each user will be able to view and update their profile details at any time.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can delete your sign-in account which will remove all personal information but leave the data captured in the system. All the data however, can be removed on request by emailing: