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RTÉ News Report on Gaza broadcast 23 July 2014

RTE wishes to clarify that the news report on Wednesday 23 July 2014 did not misinterpret or misrepresent the views of a woman featured within the footage from Gaza.

The pictures and information featured in the report were received by RTÉ from the European Broadcasting Union's news service. The material contained pictures of a woman with a lengthy sequence of her shouting in the street. The woman begins by referring to children dying, but she then goes on to say that she is ready to wear an explosive jacket and join the fight.

The voiceover on the report was not intended to be a direct translation. The reporter was paraphrasing the woman's view - clearly stated in the information RTÉ received - that she was ready to resist the Israeli offensive. There was no attempt on RTÉ's part to misconstrue the woman's message or any intention to cause confusion. 

The following is information received by RTÉ accompanying the footage:

Date Shot: 23-JUL-2014
Location: GAZA
Sound: NATURAL   Language: ARABIC

Various parts of Gaza streets are under the rubble. A four storey building collapsed last night leaving more victims among defenseless civilians. EPTV camera was there the moment the building turned into dust.

Shotlist of EPTV correspondent in the street along with residents.

10:27:54:09 Forward zoom of building collapsing live next to ambulance.
10:28:09:22 SOUNDBITE (Arabic), male resident: "There's one dead their with a severed head, we also found a dead little girl. Down there, we found a dead woman and the corpses of three little girls around her."
10:28:25:04 - VS of the survivor being rescued
10:28:29:09 - VS of ambulances rushing in the wounded to hospital
10:28:42:24 SOUNDBITE (Arabic), woman in shock and awe shouting: "Four to five children die every single day, where are you people? ...a four-storey building fell on their heads, it is horrific, Allah is great, there's no god but Allah and Mohamed his prophet."
10:28:57:20 SOUNDBITE (Arabic), woman crying out in despair: " Stop the war, stop the truce, never say Hamas, never say Fatah, just say Nation of Allah. Listen to me all, I am ready to wear the explosive jacket and joint our fighters...all our children are dying..."
10:29:27:13 - Close of dead teenager wrapped in shroud
10:29:34:05 - GVs of crowd holding stretcher down the street