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RTÉ Publishes Independent Review of Role and Gender Equality

RTÉ Publishes Independent Review of Role and Gender Equality

1 November 2017: RTÉ today published an independent review of role and gender equality in the organisation. Written by Kieran Mulvey, former Director-General of the Workplace Relations Commission, the review was commissioned in July of this year.

The review contains a number of findings:

  • The review finds that RTÉ is both a fair and equitable employer with good terms and conditions of employment for its employees.
  • The review finds that RTÉ equals, and in various cases exceeds, national policy objectives and targets for gender related employment.
  • The review finds that the pay differential at RTÉ overall shows a disparity of approximately 4%, which is significantly less than the general standard of 14% as quoted for the economy as a whole.
  • The review finds that little evidence exists in the main to sustain any substantial argument that RTÉ discriminates in favour of either gender.
  • The review finds that RTÉ is ahead of the curve on the issue of gender pay and representation by comparison with other enterprises.

The review makes a number of recommendations:

  • RTÉ and its staff would benefit in general from a more transparent culture.
  • RTÉ and its staff would benefit from a more streamlined structure in respect of grades.
  • RTÉ should consider positive discrimination when recruiting to grades which have traditionally been occupied by one gender.
  • RTÉ needs to widen the context of its recruitment profile to include the diverse ethnic background.
  • RTÉ needs to report on these matters annually.

Commenting on the findings and recommendations, Dee Forbes, Director-General, RTÉ said: "This independent report confirms that RTÉ has made significant strides in the area of gender and role equality, and pay. I welcome this, while also fully taking on board the various recommendations. RTÉ is a complex organisation with legacy and historical issues, and with complicated grading structures. There is also a lack of diversity outside of gender, both on and off the air, coupled with restrictions, financial and otherwise, in our ability to recruit new talent. I and the Executive team will engage seriously and quickly with the recommendations in this report."

Eimear Cusack, Director of Human Resources, said: "The review makes recommendations on transparency, grade alignment and reorganisation, and calls for structured policies on gender pay, diversity and reporting. We will move now toward a review of these and our recruitment processes generally, as well as our grading and reward structures. While we cannot become complacent, I am encouraged that this report finds that RTÉ is performing significantly ahead of the national average, and indeed other bodies, in respect of this matter."

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