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RTÉ announces latest JNLR Figures

RTÉ announces latest JNLR Figures

RTÉ’s radio stations continue to reach almost 2 million listeners with 1,996,000 or 53% of Adults 15+ tuning in every week (+113,000 Y-o-Y and +7,000 b-o-b). RTÉ Radio 1 continues to be the only station with a weekly reach of over 1 million at 1,393,000 (+48,000 Y-o-Y).  RTÉ 2fm’s weekly reach figure is up with 816,000 listeners or 22% of Adults 15+ (+71,000 Y-o-Y and +25,000 b-o-b). RTÉ lyric fm retains its 2% national share for Weekdays and has 304,000 listeners tuning in on a weekly basis, that’s a gain of20,000 year-on-year.

Commenting on the latest radio figures for RTÉ, Jim Jennings, Director of Content says: ‘It has been another positive book for RTÉ radio stations today, the latest figures show that listeners around the country are relying on and listening in to RTÉ. We now have twenty out of the top twenty radio programmes in the country. Radio 1 leads with 22.6% of the market share, the only station with a weekly reach of over 1 million. Radio in RTÉ is evolving, recently we saw a simulcast of Liveline broadcast on RTÉ One which was viewed by over half a million people. RTÉ 2FM has seen significant growth across all programmes which is proving that what we’re doing is working. We now have 404,000 people listening to 2FM on weekdays. It’s a good news story for RTÉ lyric fm, music station of the year, it’s encouraging to see the station maintain its market share.


  • Morning Ireland remains the most listened to radio programme in Ireland with 434,000 listeners
  • 370,000 listeners want to ‘talk to Joe’ each day as Liveline holds its place as the 2nd most listened to radio programme in Ireland.
  • The Marian Finucane Show has 350,000 people tuning in on Saturday mornings across the country, with 316,000 on Sundays.
  • The Ryan Tubridy Show has 330,000 listeners, up 14,000 (y-o-y).
  • Saturday Sport makes massive gains with 201,000 sports fans turning in (+18,000 y-o-y and +21,000 b-o-b) and Sunday Sport has 206,000 listeners (+17,000 y-o-y and +4,000 b-o-b).
  • Today with Sean O’Rourke continues to be one of the most listened to news and current affairs programmes with 324,000 listeners daily.
  • With 236,000 listeners, Drivetime with Mary Wilson is the programme of choice for listeners every weekday afternoon, (no change y-o-y).
  • Ronan Collins remains the number one music programme across the country with 212,000 listeners.
  • Arena gains 4,000 listeners b-o-b and 8,000 listeners (y-o-y) to bring the total listenership to 39,000.
  • Rising Time remains consistent with no change to Shay Byrne’s 45,000 listeners, book on book but sees an increase of 1,000 y-o-y.
  • Drama on One gains 7,000 y-o-y with 18,000 listeners tuning in on Sunday nights. On Saturday the listenership is 19,000 (+8,000 y-o-y).
  • The Book Show and The Poetry Programme respectively have gained 7,000 b-o-b and 5,000 b-o-b. The Book Show now has 26,000 (+14,000 y-o-y) listeners with The Poetry Programme at 21,000 (+10,000 y-o-y).

Speaking on the latest figures for the station, Head of RTÉ Radio 1, Tom McGuire said:

"The latest JNLR figures are further evidence that RTÉ Radio 1 is the nation’s preferred choice for news and sport with great audiences for Morning Ireland, News at One, Drivetime and our weekend sports programmes.  The figures also show a particular growth in Arts, Culture and Entertainment strands. The recent selection of Radio 1 as Full Service Station of the Year is indicative of the stations strong relationship with both audience and industry".


  • RTÉ 2fm has a weekly reach figure of 816,000/22% of Adults 15+ (+25,000 b-o-b and +71,000 y-o-y).
  • Breakfast Republic has made huge gains of 11,000 b-o-b to 189,000 and is up a massive 44,000 y-o-y. The programme remains the most listened to radio show in Ireland for 15-34s.
  • The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene gains 7,000 b-o-b to 151,000 and 20,000 y-o-y
  • Tracy Clifford increases by 3,000 b-o-b to 127,000 and 17,000 y-o-y.
  • The Eoghan McDermott Show is up 9,000 b-o-b to 127,000 and gains 18,000 y-o-y.
  • The Louise McSharry Show gains 3,000 b-o-b to 24,000 and 4,000 y-o-y.
  • The Larry Gogan Show (Saturdays) increases by 9,000 b-o-b and up 15,000 y-o-y to 110,000.
  • Weekenders (Saturdays) grows by 7,000 b-o-b and y-o-y 16,000 to 96,000.
  • The Larry Gogan Show (Sundays) grows 8,000 b-o-b to 78,000.
  • Weekenders (Sundays) grows 5,000 to 65,000 b-o-b.

Dan Healy, Head of Radio Strategy and RTÉ 2FM has said:

"RTÉ 2FM has seen JNLR increase for the fourth survey period in a row. This steady increase across all our core programming is very encouraging particularly as we are experiencing significant levels of listening from 15 to 34 years. All who work in radio understand that one of the most important measurements is the number of people a station reaches everyday – for the first time since Gerry Ryan passed away ( April 2010) 2FM now has more listeners on a daily basis than TodayFM, an increase of 69,000 listeners year on year to 404,000, compared to their 402,000.  Breakfast Republic is by far the most listened to programme by 15 to 34 year olds in Ireland, in fact the station now has five of the top 10 programmes for this audience. I am very grateful to all of my colleagues for the huge effort they put in to making 2FM a great public service for younger audiences."

RTÉ lyric fm

RTÉ lyric fm continues to offer its loyal listeners an oasis of music where life really does sound better.

  • Marty in the Mornings has gained 5,000 y-o-y to 49,000
  • Liz Nolan Classical Daytime holds steady at 21,000 b-o-b
  • Niall Carroll’s Lunchtime Favourites up 1,000 b-o-b and 4,000 y-o-y to 28,000
  • The John Kelly Ensemble up 1,000  b-o-b to 33,000
  • Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive up 3,000 b-o-b and 11,000 y-o-y to 57,000
  • The lyric Concert with Paul Harriott up 4,000 b-o-b and 2,000  y-o-y to 28,000
  • The Blue of the Night up 1,000 b-o-b to 15,000
  • Evonne Ferguson’s Daybreak (Saturday) up 3,000 b-o-b and 6,000 y-o-y to 25,000
  • The Hamilton Scores up 2,000 b-o-b and 16,000 y-o-y to 49,000 on Saturday
  • The Hamilton Scores up 6,000 b-o-b and 19,000 y-o-y to 45,000 on Sunday
  • Movies and Musicals (Saturday) up 7,000 b-o-b and 3,000 y-o-y to 41,000
  • Evelyn Grant’s Weekend Drive up 8,000 b-o-b on Saturday and Sunday
  • Vox Nostra w/Vlad Smishkewych (Sunday) up 5,000 y-o-y to 21,000
  • Aedín Gormley’s Sunday Matinée up 3,000 b-o-b to 48,000
  • A World of Song/Encore (Sunday) up 6,000 y-o-y to 15,000

Commenting on the figures today, Head of RTÉ Lyric fm, Aodán o Dubhghaill said:

"There are over 300,000 people tuning in on a weekly basis to Ireland’s most recently awarded Music Station of the Year for 2017. Without these listeners, the music we play, the thought we put into programming, the voices that link the music and the care we take in crafting our arts and speech output on RTÉ lyric fm, would fall on deaf ears! Thank you all for choosing the station where life sounds better".

All comparisons are book-on-book (2017-3 vs. 2017-2) or year-on-year (2017-3 vs. 2016-3) as stated

Source: JNLR/ Ipsos MRBI 2017/3

All figures are all adults 15+ unless otherwise specified