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Media Advisory regarding RTÉ Investigates

Media Advisory regarding RTÉ Investigates following High Court Order Today

Over the past six monthsRTÉ Investigates has been investigating the rented accommodation market in Ireland as part of a special documentary due to air on RTÉ One

During that time RTÉ Investigates uncovered multiple breaches of regulations for the private rental sector, including serious breaches in relation to fire safety.

In the course of our investigation, a property in Crumlin came to our attention. We believed this property posed an immediate danger to the tenants residing there

Ahead of the programme to be broadcast,  RTÉ Investigates reported the property and the concerns for the safety of the tenants to Dublin City Council. 

Today, Wednesday 4th October, the High Court granted an order to Dublin City Council to have the building vacated. Justice Noonan described the premises as a "fire trap".

Inspections revealed there were no escape routes or fire alarms along with a number of other safety issues. 

In the programme, due to air on RTÉ One later this month, RTÉ Investigates will detail the shocking conditions uncovered in a number of rental properties across the country where many people are living in squalid ,dangerous and overcrowded conditions.   

Further information in relation to the programme will be released closer to broadcast.