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RTÉ's weekly reach on radio is almost 2 million

RTÉ's weekly reach on radio is almost 2 million

RTÉ’s radio services continue to reach almost 2 million with 1,989,000 or 53% of Adults 15+ population tuning in every week (+100, 000 YoY and +23,000 BoB). RTÉ Radio 1 continues to be the only station with a weekly reach of over +1million at 1,404,000 (+19,000 BoB and +57,000 YoY)  RTÉ 2fm’s weekly reach figure is 791,000 or 21% of Adults 15+ (+17,000 BoB and +32,000 YoY)

Commenting on the latest radio figures for RTÉ, Jim Jennings, Managing Director, RTÉ Radio says:

"This is another very positive result for RTÉ radio with nearly 2 million listeners, 53% of all adults, tuning in to our stations each week. Radio 1 continues to perform very well with 19 of the top 20 programmes coming from that station. 2fm has had a great book with the recent increase in numbers continuing and forming a trend. It is great to see Breakfast Republic in the top 20 most listened to shows in the country. The portfolio of radio services on offer from RTÉ continues to attract listeners across the country." 


Tom McGuire, Head of RTÉ Radio 1 said:

"These figures reflect the breadth of appeal in the RTÉ Radio 1 schedule.  While mainstream daily programmes have shown some notable growth  it is great to see our commitment to sport, music and rural Ireland recognised in notable book on book gains for ‘Sunday Sport’, ‘The John Creedon Show’ and ‘CountryWide’ ."

 Morning Ireland remains the most listened to radio programme with 436,000

The Ryan Tubridy Show now has 334,000 listeners, up 15,000 (y-o-y)

Today with Sean O’Rourke sees a substantial increase of 16,000 (y-o-y) to 342,000

Ronan Collins remains the most listened to music programme in the country with 217,000

News at One remains the most listened to lunchtime programme with 325,000 listeners

381,000 listeners want to ‘talk to Joe’ each day as Liveline holds its place as the (joint) 2nd most listened to radio programme in Ireland

 The Ray D’Arcy Show is up 6,000 y-o-y to 217,000

 Drivetime with Mary Wilson gains 2,000 listeners (y-o-y) to 238,000.

Arena gains 4,000 listeners b-o-b and 4,000 listeners (y-o-y) to bring the total listenership to 35,000

The John Creedon Show continues to grow with gains 4,000 (b-o-b) and 11,000 (y-o-y) to a total listenership of 47,000

Countrywide has made large b-o-b gains of 9,000 to 196,000 listeners every Saturday

3,000 more people tune into The Business (b-o-b) and bring the total to 299,000

The Marian Finucane Show is the (joint) second most listened to radio programme in Ireland with 381,000 listeners on Saturdays and is up 11,000 (y-o-y) on Sundays to 332,000 listeners

 219,00 listeners tune into Saturday with Claire Byrne every weekend. 

Sunday with Miriam is up 1,000 y-o-y to 248,000 listeners

This Week sees increases of 5,000 b-o-b and 2,000 y-o-y to bring the total to 199,000

Exclusive GAA rights have made a great impact to Saturday Sport and Sunday Sport as Saturday Sport has 180,000 listeners and Sunday Sport is up 19,000 (b-o-b) and 34,000 (y-o-y) to bring the total listenership to 202,000

John Bowman gains 2,000 listeners (b-o-b) to 153,000 listeners every Sunday

Playback gains 1,000 listeners to 282,000 (y-o-y)

Arts Tonight/ Late Debate gains 5,000 (b-o-b) and 11,000 listeners (y-o-y) to 24,000

Late Date incl. The Book on One gains 2,000 (b-o-b) and 6,000 (y-o-y) to 23,000

*Source: JNLR/ Ipsos MRBI 2017/2


Breakfast Republic has made huge gains of 27,000 y-o-y  and  11,000 listeners b-o-b to 178,000  and remains the most listened to radio show in Ireland for 15-34s

The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene gains 8,000 y-o-y and  5,000 b-o-b listeners to 144,000

 Tracy Clifford increases by 10,000 y-o-y and  5,000 listeners b-o-b to 124,000

 The Eoghan McDermott Show is up 6,000 y-o-y and by 5,000 to 118,000 (b-o-b)

 Game On increases listenership by 3,000 y-o-y  to 22,000

Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ 2FM said:

"It’s a positive day for all the team at RTÉ 2fm. This is the third book in a row that 2fm has seen growth and there is evidence that the growth is accelerating. All peak time weekday programmes have increased audience with further strong growth for Breakfast Republic. Three years ago we started a programme strategy to appeal to younger listeners and this is now paying off as most of 2fm’s growth has come from listeners under 35 years of age. I would like to thank all our listeners for their loyalty and look forward to seeing our West and North-western listeners on Friday night when Jenny Greene and the wonderful RTÉ Concert Orchestra perform at the Galway Arts Festival."

RTÉ lyric fm

RTÉ lyric fm continues to offer its loyal listeners an oasis of music where life really does sound better. The station retains its 2% national share with 305,000 listeners (weekdays) tuning in on a weekly basis, that’s a growth of 16,000 year-on-year.

There were programme reach gains for Marty in the Morning, up 6,000 to 51,000 year on year, Niall Carroll’s Lunchtime Favourites up 2,000 book on book, Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive up 2,000 book on book, The Hamilton Scores, up 14,000 year on year, Vox Nostra up 5,000 to 19,000 year on year, Aedín Gormley’s Sunday Matinée up 8000 to 45,000 year on year and A World of Song/Encore up 8,000 to 17,000 year on year.

"Being a part of RTÉ lyric fm is a real pleasure, every day the station team gets to make radio that truly is unique in the Irish Market, we offer listeners a curated playlist put together by passionate broadcasters and presenters and on JNLR release day we feel really rewarded to see that our loyal base continue to select 96-99 RTÉ lyric fm as their go to radio destination. This release we’ve seen a year on year jump of 16,000 listeners tuning in every week and audience reach gains in many of our programmes" said Head of RTÉ Lyric fm, Aodán o Dubhghaill.

Marty in the Mornings has gained 6,000 y-o-y

Niall Carroll’s Lunchtime Favourites up 2,000 b-o-b

Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive up 2,000 b-o-b to 54,000

Evonne Ferguson’s Daybreak up 2,000 b-o-b to 22,000

The Hamilton Scores up 2,000 b-o-b and 14,000 y-o-y to 47,000 on Saturday  and up 9,000 y-o-y on Sunday to 39,000

Vox Nostra w/Vlad Smishkewych up 5,000 y-o-y to 19,000

Aedín Gormley’s Sunday Matinée up 8,000 y-o-y to 45,000

A World of Song/Encore up 8,000 y-o-y to 17,000