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RTÉ Remains the Number 1 Choice for Radio Listeners

31 July 2014: 1,838,000 (51%) adults listen to RTÉ radio every week - An increase of 9,000 listeners

Commenting on the latest figures Jim Jennings, Managing Director, RTÉ Radio said: "Given some major campaigns by key competitors, it is a significant achievement that RTÉ Radio 1 listenership remains solid at 24% on weekdays. Meanwhile, it was a very strong book for lyric fm, with  gains across daytime schedule and an increase in market share."

RTÉ Radio 1 is the ONLY station in Ireland with a weekly reach of over 1 Million listeners

Tom McGuire, Head of Radio 1 says: “It would seem that the offerings from competitors have had little effect on RTÉ Radio 1 as it retains its daily reach of 24%. I want to welcome the new weekend listeners who have joined us on Radio 1 over the last year as Saturday and Sunday Sport continuing to draw in the crowds.”

  • RTÉ Radio 1 weekly reach increased to 1,295,000 adults; it is the most-listened to national station, 426,000 ahead of its nearest national competitor.
  • Morning Ireland remains the number 1 radio programme in Ireland with 438,000 listeners each week day
  • The Marian Finucane Show  on Sunday  has increased 21,000 listeners to 349,000 y-o-y
  • Drivetime listenership is up 1,000 b-o-b to 242,000
  • Sunday Sport has scored 33,000 listener increase to 179,000 listeners y-o-y
  • Saturday Sport has also increased listeners, up 32,000 to 189,000 y-o-y
  • 307,000 listeners continue to tune into Today with Sean O’Rourke
  • Risin’ Time gains 5,000 listeners y-o-y
  • The Ronan Collins Show is the biggest music programme in Ireland as it continues to attract 218,000 listeners y-o-y
  • Arena continues to increase its listenership and is up 4,000 y-o-y
  • The John Creedon Show has increased listeners both b-o-b by  3,000 and y-o-y by 5,000
  • The Late Debate (incl. Book on One) gains 3,000 listeners b-o-b
  • Fáilte Isteach listenership increases by 12,000 y-o-y
  • Music on One: South Wind Blows gains 12,000 listeners y-o-y
  • Documentary on One series is up by 10,000 y-o-y to 46,000 listeners
  • Across the weekend RTÉ Radio 1 is up 33,000 listeners on Saturdays and up 39,000 listeners on Sundays y-o-y

RTÉ 2fm grows weekly reach to 22%

Commenting today, Head of RTÉ 2fm, Dan Healy said: “We predicted this book for 2fm and there are no surprises here. In fact, the main surprise is that we're ahead of forecast, with a market share of 6.6%. This is the baseline from which we build and there are good indicators for growth."

  • RTÉ 2fm national weekdays reach is static at 10% b-o-b
  • On Saturdays RTÉ 2fm reach is up 3,000 to 258,000 b-o-b
  • 2fm has 9 programmes in the top twenty for adults 15-34
  • 2fm has 6 programmes in the top twenty for adults 20-44

RTÉ lyric fm weekly reach up 1pt to 8%

Aodan Ó Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm, said: “A leading artist who features regularly on RTÉ lyric fm, Austrian pianist, poet and author Alfred Brendel once said “ The word ‘listen’ contain the same letters as the work ‘silent’. I am delighted that there are now 289,000 ‘silent’ people tuning in to ‘listen’ to RTÉ lyric fm on a weekly basis. Without these listeners the music we play, the thought we put in to programming, the voices that link the music and the care we take in crafting our arts and speech output on FM, online or through other forms of communication, would fall on deaf ears! Thank you all for choosing the station where life sounds better.”

  • RTÉ lyric fm has increased its weekend listenership  with 17,000 increase on Saturdays and 4,000 increase on Sundays y-o-y.
  • Liz Nolan’s Classic Drive has increased both 6,000 b-o-b and y-o-y to 49,000
  • Marty in the Morning is up 4,000 to 38,000 y-o-y
  • The John Kelly Ensemble has gained 3,000 listeners b-o-b up to 32,000
  • Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime is up 2,000 y-o-y to 40,000
  • Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive on Saturdays gains 11,000 listeners y-o-y to 28,000
  • The Hamilton Scores up by 8,000 to 41,000 y-o-y
  • RTÉ lyric fm weekday reach holds steady at 4%, up 22,000 y-o-y

Top 20 All-Week National Radio Programmes – Adults 15+

Timeblock Reach for National Commercial Stations

July 2013 – June 2014

Source: JNLR /Ipsos MRBI 2014/2