Press Releases

Advisory regarding upcoming report from RTÉ Investigations Unit

Early next week RTÉ Investigations Unit will broadcast an investigative report relating to standards in childcare in Ireland.

The programme demonstrates that standards of childcare in three crèches (the Links crèche in Abington, Giraffe crèche in Belarmine, Stepaside, and Little Harvard in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow) were in breach of HSE regulations and childcare guidelines. The programme finds various degrees of mistreatment of young children in specific rooms of the crèches, involving inadequate care and serious breaches of child care regulations.

No evidence of violent or sexual abuse was found.

Findings were reported by RTÉ researchers to the HSE and the crèche management in a timely fashion in line with expert advice. Gardai have been given footage intended for transmission; RTÉ will cooperate with any further requests on foot of a court order, as is standard. The footage will also be viewed by the HSE.

The crèches involved have been given access to the footage that will be shown in the programme. The findings of the investigation have been shared with the various crèche owners and RTÉ has offered them due right of reply. All staff directly involved in the incidents to be transmitted have also been offered the right to respond to the findings of the programme.

The team has been liaising closely with the families of the children directly involved in issues of substandard care, including giving access to the relevant footage. Any other parents with children in those crèches who have concerns will be facilitated with a viewing of the programme before it is transmitted.

Production was undertaken with the cooperation and guidance of childcare experts. The programme team liaised with a childcare expert throughout production with regular reports and viewing of footage. RTÉ continues to liaise with the parents of the children involved, the crèches featured, the HSE and Gardai in relation to the programme. Rigid production and editorial standards have been observed under the guidance of RTÉ’s own journalism guidelines.