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Irish Language on RTÉ - We Want to Hear Your Views

14 November 2012: What kind of services in the Irish language should RTÉ provide on Television, Radio and Online?

Whether you are an individual or a member of a group with an interest in this area we want to hear from you.

RTÉ has established an internal working group to oversee the development of an Irish Language Policy for RTÉ and to consider how it can do more to meet audience needs. To inform the policy, RTÉ is inviting members of the public and interested parties to give their perspectives on Irish language services provided by RTÉ, Ireland’s Public Service Broadcaster.

Under the chairmanship of Adrian Moynes, Group Secretary and Director of Compliance, the aim of the working group is to prepare a new policy for Irish language broadcasting on RTÉ which will make the best use of the organisation’s resources to serve the many audiences for a full range of programming in Irish.

The working group, which will include representatives of all the Irish language output areas in RTÉ, is seeking views, arguments, and representations about RTÉ’s Irish language services from everyone with an interest in the language. So whether you are an individual or representative of an organisation, community group, cultural or educational agency, your views are important.

Noel Curran, Director-General, RTÉ, stated: “As Ireland’s Public Service Broadcaster RTÉ strives to create high-quality, distinctively Irish content. Central to achieving this is a commitment to the provision of Irish-language programming and services. As we continue to develop the output and respond to the needs of our audiences, a review of how we provide services through the Irish language and how we reflect the language in our programming is timely and I welcome the perspectives of the audiences as we engage in this process.”

The working group will prepare the policy over the coming months and looks forward to receiving a broad range of views and arguments. Between 14 November and 7 December you can send your thoughts via e- mail to or by post to:

Irish Language Policy for RTÉ

2nd Floor, Corporate Centre


Dublin 4

As part of this process to develop the Irish Language Policy, RTÉ commissioned a report from Stillwater Communications to review RTÉ’s Irish-language output, across all platforms which is available on www.RTÉ.ie/about.

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