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Big Afternoon Gains as RTÉ Radio 1 Stays on Top

25 October 2012: 1,909,000 (53%) adults listen to RTÉ Radio every week

RTÉ Radio 1 remains the only station in Ireland with a weekly reach of over 1M with year-on-year increases of 22,000 to 1,327,000

Book-on-Book and Year-on-Year gains to afternoon programmes on RTÉ Radio 1

News at One, Liveline, Mooney and Drivetime all show impressive gains book-on-book and year-on-year

Lyric gains 1pt year-on-year to 8% weekly reach
Lyric gains 12,000 Sunday listeners year-on-year

Commenting on the latest figures Clare Duignan, Managing Director, RTÉ Radio said: “Hot on the heels of its PPI National Station of the Year win, Radio 1 has recorded really encouraging gains across the weekday afternoons. Reaching 22,000 additional listeners on a weekly basis, Radio 1 continues to shine as Ireland’s favourite radio station. Over on lyric, the gain to 8% weekly reach is very encouraging and remains a strong achievement for the station.”

Radio 1’s afternoon programmes News at One, Liveline, Mooney and Drivetime all record robust book-on-book and year-on-year gains
Radio 1 sees book-on-book gains to weekend music programmes as Ceíli House, Failte Isteach and Music on One: Countrytime / Roots Freeway record gains
Radio 1 sees strong year-on-year growth at weekends for Weekend on One with Cathal Murray (Sat), Countrywide, Playback, The Business, Marian Finucane (Sat), and Documentary on One
Radio 1 gains 22,000 listeners YoY to seven day reach at 37% (1,327,000)

RTÉ Radio 1 has made significant year-on-year and book-on-book gains to its afternoon schedule. Along with some year-on-year gains at weekends and evenings, the latest set of listenership figures sees the station further consolidate its position as Ireland’s most-listened-to radio station, with a weekly reach of 1,327,000. Radio 1 is the only station in the country with a weekly reach of over 1,000,000.

Jim Jennings, Head of Radio 1, says: “It’s been a good month for RTÉ Radio 1. We started it by winning PPI National Station of the Year 2012, and we’re ending it with strong gains across the afternoon, for News at One, Mooney, Liveline and Drivetime. Despite small losses in the mornings, Radio 1 has gained 22,000 listeners to its weekly reach year on year to 1,327,000. It’s an achievement we will be building on throughout 2013.”
RTÉ lyric fm gains 12,000 Sunday listeners year-on-year
RTÉ lyric fm gains 1pt year-on-year to 8% weekly reach

RTÉ lyric fm has stabilised its seven day weekly reach at 8%, with year-on-year growth for key programmes. This book sees year-on-year gains for Marty Whelan, The Lyric Concert, Trish Taylor's Daybreak, The Lyric Pitch with Cynthia Morahan, The Blue of the Night (Sat/Sun) and Aedín Gormley’s Sunday Matinée. Meanwhile there were book-on-book gains for George Hamilton’s Full Score and The Blue of the Night (Sat/Sun).

Says Aodan Ó Dubhghaill, Head of lyric fm: “We’re delighted to gain 1 percentage point year on year to 8% weekly reach. That alongside other year-on-year gains is encouraging once again for lyric. Noteworthy is the wonderful gain for The Blue of the Night, up 8000 listeners on Sunday.”

RTÉ Radio 1

  • News at One increases book-on-book by 9,000 to 366,000; up 32,000 year-on-year
  • Liveline with Joe Duffy gains 3,000 book-on-book and 33,000 year-on-year to 431,000
  • Drivetime gains 7,000 listeners book-on-book to 266,000; 28,000 year-on-year
  • Mooney increases figures book-on-book by 2,000 to 234,000
  • Strong Saturday morning year-on-year increases for The Weekend on One with Cathal Murray (up 11,000), Countrywide (up 19,000), Playback (up 17,000), The Business (up 30,000) and Marian Finucane (up 53,000).
  •  Strong year-on-year gains for Sunday mornings with increases for World Report / Bowman (up 7,000), Sunday Miscellany (up 31,000) and Miriam Meets (up 12,000).
  •  Documentary on One gains 3,000 listeners book-on-book to 36,000; 7,000 year-on-year
  • The Weekend on One with Cathal Murray (Sat) up 3,000 to 83,000 book-on-book
  • Countrywide gains 1,000 listeners book-on-book
  •  Ceili House, Failte Isteach and Music on One: Countrytime/Roots Freeway all show book-on-book gains
  •  Sport@Seven gains on extra 3,000 listeners year-on-year to 31,000
  • Arena up 3,000 year-on-year
  •  Late Date / Book on One up 1,000 year-on-year

RTÉ lyric fm

  • Marty in the Morning gains 7,000 listeners year-on-year to 31,000
  • The Blue of the Night sees significant year-on-year gains of 8,000 (Sun) and 3,000 (Sat); Book-on-book gains of 2,000 (Sat & Sun)
  • Trish Taylor’s Daybreak wins an extra 6,000 listeners year-on-year to 19,000
  • The lyric Concert gains 4,000 year-on-year to 21,000
  •  Aedin Gormley’s Sunday Matinee is up year-on-year by 7,000 to 26,000
  • The lyric Pitch with Cynthia Morahan up 2,000 to 32,000 book-on-book
  •  Nova up 1,000 book-on-book