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RTÉ Fair Trading Policy and Procedures

RTÉ is a dual funded public service media organisation, which means that the cost of fulfilling RTÉ's remit under the Broadcasting Act 2009 is funded by both commercial revenue and the Licence Fee.

The purpose of RTÉ’s commercial trading activities is to efficiently generate revenue from opportunities arising from its public service activities to help fund its portfolio of public services. This is a statutory duty.

RTÉ must ensure that it trades fairly, in all of its trading activities, be they public service or commercial in nature.  It must also ensure that its commercial activities are not subsidised by public money.  In order to more clearly demonstrate how it fulfils these obligations, RTÉ has recently updated its Fair Trading Policy and Procedures. Click link below (RTÉ Fair Trading Policy and Procedures) for more detail.

Oversight and Accountability

RTÉ has a designated Fair Trading Officer to lead and address its Fair Trading Policy and Procedures. RTÉ’s Fair Trading Officer is Eleanor Bleahene.

RTÉ's Fair Trading Committee, a sub-committee of the RTÉ Board, is responsible for the oversight of RTÉ's Fair Trading Policy. The RTÉ Fair Trading Committee is Fionnuala Sheehan (chair) and Deborah Kelleher. 

Fair Trading Complaints

If you believe that RTÉ is not adhering to its Fair Trading policy, please let us know. Guidance regarding making a complaint can be found in RTÉ’s Fair Trading Complaints Procedure. Click link below (RTÉ’s Fair Trading Complaints Procedure) for more detail.

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