BAI Complaints about RTÉ 2011

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Complaints about RTÉ Output in 2011

Number of Complaints
In 2011 the BAI forwarded to RTÉ 147 complaints. This is just over half the number received the previous year when 284 complaints were forwarded to RTÉ. This reflects a change in BAI complaints processes whereby complainants are asked by the BAI to complain initially to broadcasters and only request the services of the BAI if they are not satisfied with the response they receive from the broadcasters.

Number of Complaints Upheld
There were 7 complaints upheld in 2011. This is a decrease on 2010 when 11 complaints were upheld.
The upheld complaints in 2011 were as follows

  • Legend of the Seekers The BAI upheld a complaint that this programme because of violent content was broadcast at an inappropriate time. The programme was broadcast in 2010, the BAI decision was reached in 2011.
  • Tubridy A review of newspapers by the presenter was judged not to have been objective and impartial. The programme was broadcast in 2010, the BAI decision was reached in 2011.
  • Anonymous The BAI upheld a complaint that a joke on the subject of rape breached the Code of Programme Standards in regard to harm and offence.
  • Marian Finucane Show An interview with the former President of the European Parliament, Pat Cos, was judged by the BAI to have failed requirements in regard to objectivity and impartiality
  • Desperate Housewives Due to sexual content an edition of this series was judged to have been broadcast at an inappropriate time
  • RTÉ News (6.01 and 9.00) A report on the arrest of Shell-to-Sea protestors and inappropriate remarks by Gardaí led to two complaints of inaccurate reporting from one of the people arrested. The complaints were upheld.

Note that a number of other complaints made about programmes broadcast in 2011 were upheld in 2012 by the BAI.These include 7 complaints about the Frontline Presidential Debate of 24 October 2011. These will be included in the 2012 figures

Output Areas that led to Complaints

  • News and Current Affairs led to 52 Complaints (9 of these concerned an item on education in the Frontline programme, 14 referred to the Prime Time Presidential debate, 7 to the Frontline Presidential debate)
  • Television Programmes led to 50 complaints (24 in house productions, 23 commissioned and 3 acquired)
  • Radio Programmes led to 32 complaints
  • Advertisements led to 13 complaints

Programmes attracting the most complaints

The Frontline 18

Prime Time 15

The Late Late Show 11

Liveline 8

The Savage Eye 8

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