Complaints about RTÉ 2010

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Complaints about RTÉ Output in 2010

Number of Complaints
In 2010 the BAI forwarded 284 complaints to RTÉ. This is a decrease on the 2009 figure which was 423. The figure for 2008 was 339.

Number of Complaints Upheld
There were 11 complaints upheld in 2010. This is an increase on 2009 when 4 complaints were upheld. 18 complaints were upheld in 2008. However the figure for 2010 is somewhat misleading as 5 of the upheld complaints refer to one programme. The upheld complaints in 2010 were as follows

Prime Time (5)
A report on proposed management structures for schools had 5 complaints of bias upheld.

No Frontiers (2)
The travel programme had 2 complaints upheld. Ryanair argued that information given about flights to destinations featured favoured Aer Lingus. The BAI upheld the complaints on grounds of a breach of the General Commercial Communications Code.

Radio Advert for the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (2)
A radio advert for the RIAI led to 2 complaints being upheld. RTÉ was caught in the middle of a dispute between qualified architects and those practising without formal qualifications.

Drivetime (1)
A contribution to a Drivetime discussion on crime was found to have been unfair in his comments about a convicted person.

Television Advert for Optical Express (1)
An advert that featured Padraig Harrington was found to be in breach of the general Commercial Communications code in regard to a prohibition on personalities endorsing medical procedures.

Output Areas that led to Complaints
News and Current Affairs led to 119 Complaints (54 of these refer to one programme, a Brian Cowen Press Conference)

Television Programmes led to 84 complaints (40 in house productions, 35 commissioned and 9 acquired)

Radio Programmes led to 60 complaints

Advertisements led to 21 complaints (Television 12, Radio 8, Radio & Television combined 1)

Programmes attracting the most complaints

The Late Late Show 25 (16 of these referred to one programme that dealt with knife crime)

Liveline 14
Today with Pat Kenny 12

Brian Cowen Press Conference 54
Prime Time/Prime Time Investigates 23 (13 of these referred to a report on school management structures)1
The Frontline 18 (10 of these referred to the coverage of the topic of civil partnership)
News (All radio and television bulletins) 18

Outcome of Complaints

166 complaints were resolved (i.e. the complainants withdrew their complaints after receiving RTÉ’s submission in defence of the programme)
91 were not upheld by the BAI
11 upheld
The remainder withdrawn or invalid