Right of Reply

Where a person is of the opinion that his or her reputation has been impugned by an assertion of incorrect facts or information s/he is entitled to seek a right-of-reply.

Section 49 of the Broadcasting Act 2009 provides for a right of reply in specific circumstances. A person who wishes to exercise this right should contact the Head of Broadcast Compliance by letter or email

David McKenna
Head of Broadcast Compliance
Dublin 4

  • The request must be made within 21 days of the broadcast.
  • The request should contain sufficient information to enable the identification of the broadcast where the incorrect facts or information are alleged to have occurred.
  • RTÉ must, within 10 days, decide whether to grant the request or refuse it. If the decision is to grant the right of reply an agreement must be reached with the requester in regard to the form of the right of reply.

the decision is to refuse the request for a right of reply or if there is disagreement about the form of right of reply there is an appeal mechanism available to the requester..

The appeal should be made to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland by letter or email

Compliance Committee,
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2-5, Warrington Place,
Dublin 2

The appeal should be made within 21 days or receipt of the refusal to grant a right of reply. If the BAI decides that a right of reply should be broadcast it has the power to order RTÉ to broadcast it. The BAI also has the power to determine the form a right of reply should take.

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