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    White Noise Saturday 24 August 2013


    White Noise

    Dave Clarke is live on 2FM for the 400th edition of his Radio Show with live guest mixes/performances from hot Irish electronic acts LAW (Lisa & Alice Wallace) and DeFeKT.

    Whitenoise #400

    22.00 Whitenoise #400 Live Special



    Special 3-hour live show on 2FM, Pulse and Youtube!!

    Dave Clarke Plays live in the RTÉ Studios to celebrate 400 WHITENOISE shows.

    Watch twitter #whitenoise for links to the Youtube live (Visual) feed and a special RTÉ pulse Commercial & News-free stream.

    Hour 1/Podcast Playlist:

    Drumcell - Disturbance (Pfirter Remix)

    Attac - 01 (Perthil & Aerts Remix)

    Binny - Future Echo

    Arnaud Le Texier - B1 - Equanimity (Zadig Remix)

    George Lanham - Castell

    Elseanino - Channelling

    Unevenratio - Do Until

    Gingy & Bordello - All Day (Robert Hood Remix)

    Mike Humphries - Engine Reject (Mike Humphries Remix)

    Bunker44 & Jeaven - Cardiology - (Black Asteroid Remix)

    Mike Humphries - (We Sleep) They Live

    Antony Dupont - Liars World

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