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    On today's show, Multiple Sclerosis, Game of Thrones Exhibition, The Rapunzel Foundation, Tune That Name and Eamon Power who was unanimously found not guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl.


    Multiple Sclerosis

    Louise contacted us yesterday when she heard Ryan discuss terminally ill multiple sclerosis sufferer Marie Fleming. Louise is twenty-seven and she was diagnosed in March with multiple sclerosis. She doesn’t live with it on a day to day basis like Marie.  It comes and goes, it could be a few months or it could be a few years before it will affect her.


    Game of Thrones Exhibition

    Helen Carey - Culture and Arts Officer from the Northern Irish Tourist Board spoke to Ryan about the countdown for the hotly-anticipated HBO Game of Thrones Exhibition which visits Belfast in June. Tickets
    for the show, which will be housed in Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest
    Titanic visitor experience, from 8 - 17 June, are free of charge and will go on general release on 17 May through the Titanic Belfast website. The exhibition is designed to transport viewers into the breathtaking and enchanted world of Westeros, a fictional continent within the show, and will feature over 70 original artefacts including props and costumes as well as interactive elements.

    For further information on the Games of Thrones exhibition and filming
    locations click on http://interact.discovernorthernireland.com/gotexhibition


    The Rapunzel Foundation

    Anna Furlong is a hairdresser in New Ross, Co Wexford and set up The Rapunzel Foundation - an organisation which helps people with hair loss through providing information, sharing stories and through the collection of pony tails for the manufacture of natural hair wigs. 

    Anna collects hair in her saloon and saloons around the country and sends it to New Zealand where it is made into wigs. For more information on The Rapunzel Foundation click on http://www.rapunzelfoundation.com


    Eamon Power

    Ryan spoke to Limerick man Eamon Power who was unanimously found not guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Eamon told Ryan his life has been a living hell for the past three years.

    Tune That Name...

    Maestro Jim Sheridan (not THAT one!) joined Ryan in studio to challenge the listeners with their music knowledge of Tune That Name..It's a Smorgasbord Thing!

    Music Played on the Show

    • 09:12
      Title: Step It Up
      Performer(s): Stereo Mcs
      Performer(s): Stereo Mcs
      Duration: 5:13
    • 09:24
      Title: Ignition Remix
      Composer: Kelly
      Performer(s): R Kelly
      Performer(s): R Kelly
      Album: Now 55, Emi, CDNOW55
      Duration: 2:57
    • 10:11
      Title: Good Enough
      Composer: Clark/Priest/Miller
      Performer(s): Dodgy
      Performer(s): Dodgy
      Album: Good Enough, A & M, 581 815 2
      Duration: 3:55
    • 11:04
      Title: Daftendirekt
      Performer(s): Daft Punk
      Performer(s): Daft Punk
      Duration: 2:59


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