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    Friday 27th February

    Obesity Surgery

    Colm Boyle, Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon currently working in the Bon Secours Hospital, joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about the surgery he performs for obese patients.

    Six Nations Ireland V England

    This Sunday sees the big clash between the Six Nations’ only two remaining unbeaten teams. Brent Pope joined Ryan on the line to chat about the crucial encounter.

    Eason Spelling Bee

    This week the county finals of the Easons Spelling Bee kicked off . On Wednesday, we sent Louise Denvir to Roscommon to one of the first county finals to chat with some of the contestants.

    Backstreet Boys: 'New film

    Last night, the new documentary ‘Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of' was premiered in Cineworld, Dublin and we sent MEGAFAN RTÉ sports presenter Jacqui Hurley along to see it.

    I Know Stuff

    Hugh Ahern from Mallow, Co Cork was on I Know Stuff today

    Thursday 26th February

    Paddy Power

    Paddy Power joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell us about one lucky punter who scooped a massive €206,000 on Tuesday night after his 17 - match accumulator bet came in.

    Video Games

    Yesterday on the programme we were contacted by Deborah about the game 5 Nights at Freddy’s. Deborah’s 10 year old daughter saw the game 3 weeks ago and had not been able to sleep since. Tony Reilly of The Effect.net joined Ryan on the line to tell us more about the game.


    Adults are getting braces.. and it's on the increase. We all want to have the perfect smile. Paul O ‘Dwyer, Clinical Director with Smiles has seen an increase in adults coming for Orthodontics and he joined Ryan on the line this morning.

    Brit Awards

    G2 chats to Ryan about last night's BRIT Awards.

    I Know Stuff

    I Know Stuff today was with Arlo Buchanan from Collon, Co. Louth.

    Wednesday 25th February

    Video Games

    Deborah told us about her 10 year old daughter who recently was shown a videogame called Five Nights at Freddy's. Since her daughter has seen the game she has been left traumatised.

    Fan Fiction

    There’s a big difference between loving a show or film and being totally obsessed with it, to the point where you write fictional stories about your favourite characters online. 2fm’s Ciara King has delved into some of the weirdest fan fiction online.

    Food Styling

    Chef and food stylist Johan van der Merwe joined Ryan on the line to talk about food styling.

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Kathleen Kenny from Wexford knew tons of stuff!

    Tuesday 24th February

    Nut and Peanut Allergy

    Ryan talks to 23 year old Heather who has a life threatening peanut allergy since she was 4!

    Philip Boucher-Hayes

    Ryan spoke to RTÉ's presenter Philip Boucher-Hayes who gave chase to a handbag thief. Philip was filming a segment for CrimeCall when the ‘incident’ happened.

    John Connell

    Author John Connell joined Ryan in studio this morning to talk about his battle with depression as a young man.

    I Know Stuff

    Aoife McDowell from Dublin was on I Know Stuff today.

    Monday 23rd February

    David Coleman

    Child Psychologist David Coleman was in studio to answer listeners questions. Today there were questions on toddler tantrums and on issues on a child's fear of the notion of evil....

    Twin Study

    Dave Sherry was speaking about a Twins Study that he and his twin brother are taking part in

    Oscars Fashion

    Clare Devereux was in studio with an Oscars Red Carpet Rundown and details of what it's like behind the scenes of being an A-list Stylist - Plus Stephen Byrne live from L.A.

    I Know Stuff

    Grace Hoey from Co Meath played I Know Stuff

    Friday 20th February


    One of the films nominated for best picture at this Sunday's Oscars is the historical epic Selma - Ryan spoke to cultural journalist Clara Rose Thornton about the impact of the film and its relevance today

    Pet Obesity

    Obesity in pets is a growing problem. A clinic in Cork has seen a huge increase in pooches signing up for their customised weightloss programmes. Alan Gallagher is a veterinary nurse from Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital in Blackpool, Co Cork, told us more about their service..

    The Oscars

    Stephen Byrne is in L.A. for the Oscars this Sunday – Last night he was at The Oscar Wilde Party and met some Star Wars icons……

    I Know Stuff

    Today, Danielle Doggett from Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan knew tons of stuff!

    Thursday 19th February

    Timi's Tour of Ireland

    Timi Ogunyemi joined Ryan on the line to talk about embarking on a tour around Ireland. Timi’s first trip will take place the first week in March. Timi has a list of places he wants to visit.


    Ryan read an email from a listener who was upset to see a dear friend who passed away last year tagged on Facebook this morning.

    Catharine Higginson

    Teacher Catharine Higginson discovered by accident that her husband James had installed an app on her phone which allows him to track her movements, read her texts and even listen to her conversations. Catherine joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell us how it all came about.

    Ed Sheeran

    Huge news announced EXCLUSIVELY on TUBRIDY this morning. Ed Sheeran is playing Croke Park on Friday July 24th.

    Male mid-wife

    Male mid-wife Dan Oakes joined Ryan in studio this morning to chat about the job many people see as a predominantly female one!

    I Know Stuff

    Morgan Fealy from Celbridge took on the ‘I Know Stuff” challenge .

    Wednesday 18th February

    Are You Too Nice?

    Paul tells us why being too nice can get him into trouble!

    Stalker TV show

    Colm chats to Ryan about some of the music and songs featured in the TV show Stalker.

    Tuesday 17th February

    Dr. Nina Byrnes addresses health issues

    Dr. Nina Byrnes joined Ryan in studio. She covers questions in relation to pregancy, the pill, skin abnormalities and much more.


    Ryan is joined by Lorcan O'Connor and Tara Cheevers from The Insolvency Service of Ireland to discuss debt, financial issues and resolution options. More information can be found at backontrack.ie or call 0761064200.

    Toxic Friendships

    Paul from Limerick contacted the show after hearing an email Ryan read about a toxic friendship. Paul spoke of his own friendship difficulties.

    The It Girl

    Mary McGill joins Ryan in studio to talk about being 'It Girl', how it's changed over the years and the women in the public eye who've earned this title.

    I Know Stuff

    Ria Banerjee from Galway took part in this morning's I Know Stuff and won herself a Tubridy 2fm lunchbox.

    Monday 16th February

    Sarah Doran speaks about Gaps in Your CV and mental health

    Sarah Doran, blogger and freelance journalist joined Ryan to talk about her battle with mental illness and what brought her to writing Gaps in your CV.

    I Know Stuff

    Therese Lawless aged 10 from Gorey, Co. Wexford showed off her vast knowledge on I Know Stuff this morning.

    Amanda Filipacchi talks about her new book, Looks You're Born With Looks You're Given'

    Amanda was born into a very good looking family and always felt like the odd one in her family. After surgery and a lifetime of scrutiny, she's written about her experience.

    Andrew talks about his summons style wedding invitations

    Ryan spoke about Benedict Cumberbatch's recent wedding where he only had 40 guests and received a text from Andrew in Dublin who had invited his guests with an unusual summons style invitation.

    Friday 13th February

    Friday the 13th!!

    Ryan spoke to Anna who was travelling to a secret location with the crew from 'Ghosts Wanted' to do some ghost hunting this evening.

    American Sniper Trial

    One of the most high-profile murder trials of recent times kicked off in American courts this week. Bronagh Tumulty, producer with Channel 11 KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas, joined Ryan on the line this morning to tell us more about the American Sniper murder trial.

    Fashion Faux Pas

    After “gúna -gate” was on The Late Late Show last week, we thought we’d invite Maia Dunphy in to studio this morning to chat about other fashion faux pas!

    Thursday 12th February

    Engagement Rings

    At this time of year many people will be thinking about ‘popping the question’. Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer Ann Chapman was in studio to offer advice on buying the ring - Find our more at www.stonechatjewellers.ie

    Clowns without Borders

    Jonathan Gunning is the founder of ‘Clowns without Borders’; an organisation which supports clowns travelling abroad and performing in refugee camps. It’s motto is ‘No Child Without a Smile’ – Find out more at www.cwbireland.com

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