The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Saturday 29 June 2013


    The Spring Sessions

    Mr Spring with Ireland's most upfront dance show

    Springsession friday 280613

    *Terry Farley & Stretch Silvester Present The Lonely - Cold Rockin

    *rufus - Desert Night [Motez Remix]

    *Kweku Saunderson - Half Man Half Machine

    *david duque - little shine in the mountains (elel128)

    *Floorplan - Altered Ego

    *Dj Haus (Uttu) - What Am I Doin

    *Jean Nipon Koyote - RMS (To Steve)

    *The Phrenetic Project - Lost In A 303

    *Jan Fleck - Turn Red

    *Twelve Sessions - Light Within

    *Need For Mirrors - Reset

    *Command Strange - Dirty Music

    *Sepia - Cornered

    *BAD TANGO - Spin Cycle (Broken Robot BRR 034)

    *Andy Faze - Tech Lab (Diablo Loco DL 036)

    *KL2 - Vox Trick F-Word mix] (Breakz R Boss BRBD 79)

    *TRIPLEX - Freak Out (Acid Tube 100578 59)

    *Jusai - Wash It (Keezako KEED 04)

    *Adrian Hour - What Led You Here (Toolroom TOOL 220/01Z)

    *CHROMNOISE - Rush (Heavy Snatch HSR 011)

    *DENSE & PIKA - Move Your Body Back (Hotflush Recordings HFT 029)

    *BLACKEY - Never Stopped (Flowmaster Recordings FMR 042)

    *Dave TARRIDA - Tempt You With Sin (Hypnotic Room HROOM 164)

    *LOCKED GROOVE - Keep Thorough [Juju & Jordash mix] (Turbo Canada TURBO 147)

    *EXPLOIT - Neuromantic (Mutex Germany MUXD 009)

    The Spring Sessions

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