The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions Friday 31 May 2013

    Springsession Friday

    *Dario Girau - Naples Calls Berlin [Olivier Garth & Telemac mix] (Menomale Music)
    *Prognosis - Del Rio [EE2 Remix] (eju0012)
    *16B - The Game [Beat Tribe remix]
    *rex mundi - watch (clhr161)
    *The Advent & Spiriakos - Point Of No Return [Filterheadz remix]
    *Turbo Turbo - Shells
    *Stephane Vera - Dropping the Gourd of Ashes (NICE0050)
    *Digital Sound Foundry - ELECTRO NIK [Breitband mix]
    *Technodrome vs Assassins - Hostage Situation
    *Chromatone - Psychotomimetic
    *Dither - Numeric Representation
    *DJ Rowney - Take What You've Got
    *Distance feat Stepa - Set You Free
    *JDOUBLE - Back To The Freestyle (Ravesta RAV 040)
    *BAD TANGO - Cortex [Break Theory mix] (Broken BROKENRECORDS 034)
    *GEON - Live Plastic [The Brainkiller mix] (Acida AR 024)
    *ACID KIT - Candela [Julian Luken mix] (We Love Techno WLT 025)
    *16B - The Game [SLP mix] (Alola ALDCR 001)
    *HE - Illuminated Night II (HE HE 00083)
    *Platypus - The Streets Have A Voice [Joachim Spieth mix] (Affin AFFIN 008LTD)
    *Kate SIMKO - Lost In London (Get Physical GPM 225)
    *Riolie - Moor (Creative Technologies Studio CTS 224133)
    *DAPAYK SOLO - Green Noise (Mo's Ferry Productions DPKCOMP 1)

    The Spring Sessions

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