The Spring Sessions

    Friday Midnight, Saturday 10pm

    The Spring Sessions 19/20 April 2013

    Springsession Friday Playlist:

    *Good Parts - Starship Trooper (Good Parts edit)
    *Subscape - Just Coz
    *DJ I-One - To Be With You (Original Mix)
    *Damian Beat - Funk Me
    *Todor Ivanov - Tempo
    *Solo - Cringe
    *BLM - Chemistry
    *Francesco Bonora Kone - Wordnik Original Mix - RESTRUCTURED
    *Dynamo City - One Night In Hackney (DAVE The Drummer remix)
    *Primordial Ooze - Impact Theory
    *TC - Do You Rock (Heist remix)
    *Command Strange - Takeover
    *Counterstrike & Cooh - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency remix)
    *Teddy Music - Sambucca
    *601 - Strobelight (Passenger PASA 013DIG)
    *MONK3YLOGIC - Not Over Yet (Logariddim LOGA 00)
    *ERP - Tuga (Frustrated Funk FR 024)
    *STORMFIELD - Rebuild [Defekt mix] (Combat Recordings COMBAT 033)
    *ATESH K - Deep Space (TMMR TMMR 100)
    *MARCKUS feat RUE D'ALEX - Satisfaction (Western Front 241960)
    *Patrick M - Funkyta [Simone Vitullo mix] (Go Deeva Italy GDV 1309)
    *Advanced Human - Hidden Module [Roberto mix] (Affin AFFIN 010COMP)
    *Savas PASCALIDIS - Interlock Maan mix] (Sweatshop Germany SWSH 013)
    *Rainer WEICHHOLD & NAMITO & HICKHACK - Hick (Kompakt Extra Germany KOMPAKTEX 74)

    The Spring Sessions

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