The Late Night Sessions

    Saturday, Sunday, 2am - 5am

    Late Night Sessions 22/23/24 March 2013

    Fri 22/Sat 23

    22.00 Corsten's Countdown #299

    23.00 Mainstage #147

    00.00 Springsession Friday

    02.00 CLR feat. Carl Craig

    This time CLR welcomes one of the undisputed founding fathers of Detroit Techno for the first time - none other than the legendary Carl Craig, who has been continuously delivering genre-defining and visionary productions since his first release in 1989. He has been described as a creative visionary, a groundbreaking electronic music icon, an inspirational artist, an esteemed Grammy-nominated composer, a world-class DJ and an ambassador for his native Detroit. Yet the common thread that runs through Craig’s broad musical canon and creative projects is a resounding fascination with futurism. He has cultivated a unique path as an artist, entrepreneur and civic leader, guided by his tendency toward forward thinking. Craig helped launch the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2000 and has also created the non-profit 501-C3 Carl Craig Foundation, which supports young artists and helps to develop a new music scene that follows the legacy of his birthplace and current base Detroit. Tonight (22nd of March) he will play at CLR´s WMC nighttime event at Space Miami and the whole crew is very much looking forward to this memorable get-together of some of the finest artists in today´s Techno scene. If you would like to know more about Carl Craig, his upcoming gigs, releases and hisinfluential label Planet-E, please visit the following sites:  

    03.00 Céoltronic

    Track List:
    Will Kinsella - Get Deep (Gate Eins)
    Gianni Pellechia & Lerrio Corrado - Going Ahead (Saso Recyd remix) (Loose Records)
    Mr. Buzz - Reversion (Sci+Tec)
    Jason Fernandes - Heatseaker (H-Productions)
    Jason Fernandes - Feel in Control (H-Productions)
    Cari Lekebusch - Obsidion (H-Productions)
    Hans Bouffmyhre - Droning (Slam Paragraph remix) (Sleaze Records)
    Roberto Capuano - Inversion (Drumcode)
    Luigi Madonna - New World (Joseph Capriati remix) (AnalyticTrail)
    Sasha Carassi - Dark Pride (Rino Cerrone remix) (Phobiq)
    Renato Cohen - Pontape 2013 remake (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) (Drumcode)
    Will Kinsella - Dequarphanated (Gate Eins)

    04.00 Solid Steel

    This time the steelers feature BANGLASH..

    For fans of boom-bap beats & rare groove fonk-ee-style!!

    Fri 22/Sat 23

    00.00 White Noise #378

    01.00 Fishgodeep

    Things of the Past - Nicolas
    Allowance - Isolee
    Who Knows Where the Love Goes - Last Magpie
    To The Rhythm - Tommy Largo
    Years - Jebri
    I Wanna Go - DJ Le Roi
    Do It - John Daly
    Yours Truly - Shane Linehan
    2 Dings - Fish Go Deep
    This Is a Lonely Beat - John Daly
    Do You Know Who You Are - Shane Linehan
    Battery Man - Fish Go Deep & Tracey K
    Clouds - Basic Soul Unit
    Move - Kyodai
    Menage a Trois - Fabian Argomendo
    Untitled Love - Adesse
    The Banger - MDZ Revenge
    Ny2UK (James Dexter Remix) - DJ Romain
    Farbfilm - Daze Maxim
    Next To Me - Burnski & MANIK
    Pico - Art Bleek & Jamie Anderson
    Pacha (Fathers Of Sound Remix) - Pacha
    Reversa (Matthias Vogt Remix) - Politeca


    03.00 Audio Sunshine #12

    Alif Tree - Aurevoir
    Freddie Joachim - Waves
    Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Ila Me Dji Ki Bi Ni
    Steel N Skin - Reggae Is Here Again
    James Kelly & Ola Szmidt - The Healing (Envelope Late Night Mix)
    Scrimshire - Convergent
    Kilo Kish - IOU
    Ghostface Killah & The Delfonics - Enemies
    Tyga - Wish
    Paul White Feat: Danny Brown - Street Lights
    Kleer - Tonights The Night
    Leon Ware - What's Your Name
    MDCL & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Caravan
    Recloose Feat: Rachel Frasier - Catch A Leaf (MCDL Mix)
    Souled - Bike Chain
    Q-Tip - Work It Out (Disclosure Edit)
    Foamo - Sherlock
    The Bar-Keys - Open Your Heart


    04.00 DJ Pressure

    Another journey into the spaces between things..

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