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    Colm Hayes Friday 25 October 2013


    Colm Hayes

    What we want the listener to talk about and what the listeners want to talk about, they decide! Colm Hayes Show weekdays, 11am-1pm


    Food Memories

    The kind of food that you always loved as a child, that you know now probably isn't the best - But you just can't help yourself!


    Singles' Night

    Show Reporter Amanda Fennelly was in our Limerick Studios to report on what went on last night at the Singles' Party


    Thank Feck It's Friday!

    Live music from Walking on Cars (with Tick Tock, Catch Me If You Can and an amazing medley of 14 current pop hits), delicious food from Derry Clarke, Lottie Ryan with all the latest showbiz news and comedian Bernard O'Shea had a look back at the week

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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