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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 23 October 2013


    Colm Hayes

    What we want the listener to talk about and what the listeners want to talk about, they decide! Colm Hayes Show weekdays, 11am-1pm


    Yesterday on the show we spoke to Dr Declan Keane Senior Embryologist and Director of Repromed Fertility Clinic - Declan gave some advice to those who may be trying for a baby as regards diet and HERE he out-lines some tips for diet and health to better your fertility



    Today we spoke about the issue of forgiveness in face of great suffering and Colm spoke to one listener who said that she could never forgive and forget


    IVF and Infertility

    Going back to yesterday's topic on IVF - Colm spoke to Miriam about her experience of IVF and to Annette about getting pregnent through endometriosis


    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Sir Alex Ferguson's new auto-biography has caused controversy because of his criticism of some of the great players that he worked with including Roy Keane, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. Tony O'Donoghue was in studio to talk about the back-lash



    Is the ladies' handbag a mystery to you? Or are you a woman who is willing to come on and admit exactly what's in your handbag. Today we heard of the weird and wonderful things in listeners handbags

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