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    Colm Hayes Monday 8 July 2013


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    Personal Victories

    It was a weekend of sporting records -Ireland’s first stage winner at the Tour De France in 21 years, the first British Wimbledon Champion in 77 years, The Lions won their first series in 16 years, and the Dubs won their first Leinster Senior Hurling title since 1961 – Did you achieve an ambition recently that you have been chasing for years? Did you finally get that long awaited achievement? We wanted to hear about listeners' perconal victories


    32 Counties in 32 Days

    Aidan Breen is a musician who has just finished University and he has decided to set himself a challenge by visiting each of the 32 counties of Ireland in 32 days and doing a gig in each


    Great Weather

    Gillian admitted that even in this weather she will have her hot-water bottle and a thick quilt and Christina was in Las Vegas last week and the temperatures were 45-47 degrees Celsius!

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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