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    Colm Hayes Friday 19 April 2013


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    Today after 12 o'clock The Heathers were in studio to perform the song which is the anthem for the Cycle Against Suicide; ‘Forget Me Nots’, as well as their new single ‘Gather-Up’ – They also spoke about how they are happy to be involved with this initiative and the meaning behind the song of The Cycle. Listen back to the programme to hear the live tracks.



    Boston Manhunt

    In light of the manhunt currently underway in Boston , Criminologist John O'Keeffe was on the line to talk about the processes involved in this kind of search and the methods that are used by the F.B.I. John also spoke about the way that the police release information to the public, and how this can sometimes be used purely to 'spook' suspects


    Showbiz News

    Lottie Ryan was in studio to give us the latest in the world of showbiz - Oxegen will be returning, sadly there will be no reunion of Friends, the latest on the Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce, Katie Price was singing at her own wedding and Adele has offered to buy apartments for all her friends

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