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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 16 April 2013


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    Boston Explosions

    The breaking of news last night of the Boston explosions showed just how powerful social media has become - Today we asked 'Where did you get your news last night?'

    Mark Little CEO and founder of Storyful spoke about how the news broke last night on the Boston bombing and how twitter became a hub of activity with images of the injured constantly tweeted. Mark’s website is self-described as ‘the first news agency of the social media age - http://storyful.com/- They aim to help discover, verify and distribute the most valuable content on social media platforms. Mark warned that there has never been a better way of spreading a hoax than twitter and many images that are tweeted in the heat of the moment may be upsetting for families. However there was also a lot of help offered on Twitter which showed a community spirit.

    Listeners spoke about their confusion and frustration last night when trying to follow the news because of the often contradictory infomation that was coming out

    And show Reporter Amanda Fennelly was in studio to talk about how Rihanna had incited criticism for her posting of a picture which showed a harrowing image of a man crouched over an injured woman surrounded in blood – Rihanna wrote “heartbreaking #prayforboston' with the picture. Are these pictures high-lighting the horrific reality of this violence or are they insensitive to the victims?


    Gay Marriage

    There was a massive reaction to yesterday's topic on gay marriage - Today we spoke to more listeners who wanted to give their views

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