1918 RTÉ Archive Exhibition

RTÉ Libraries & Archives Exhibition:
The Irish in the First World War

Says Myles Dungan: “In some respects this collection of RTÉ archive material is a microcosm of the Irish psyche.  RTÉ (in the shape of 2RN) dates from the year prior to the Silver Tassie controversy.  Its archive reflects Irish preoccupations.  Its omissions point towards our blind spots.  On the debit side is the fact that, as a repository of oral history the RTÉ catalogue includes barely thirty first-hand Irish witnesses of the most unspeakable conflict/crime of the 20th century.  On the merit side is the fact that it includes all of thirty first-hand witnesses of the Great War in a time of calculated and culpable amnesia.”

Where: Visit RTÉ’s online exhibition here at www.rte.ie/libraries