today's weather Today's Weather
Bright and warm this evening in many parts of Ulster with good sunny spells. Mainly dry too, just a slight risk of an isolated heavy shower or two in the far west of the province

Tonight's Weather
Dry tonight in eastern parts of the province with clear spells but increasing cloud will bring showery outbreaks of rain gradually spreading into west and mid Ulster overnight. The rain will turn persistent or heavy at times with a risk of thunder. There will be some patchy hill or coastal fog also. Mild and humid, lowest temperatures of 13 to 15 Celsius in light variable breezes.

today's weather Tomorrow
Cloud and showery outbreaks of rain will extend eastwards to all parts on Saturday morning and will be heavy or prolonged in places, with still a risk of thunder. Drier and brighter weather, with some scattered showers, will gradually spread eastwards across the province during the afternoon and early evening. Becoming cooler and fresher than of late with afternoon temperatures ranging 18 to 20 or 21 Celsius. Winds will veer and become moderate west to northwest generally but fresh and occasionally gusty for a time on Saturday morning along western coasts and along northern coasts in the afternoon.