today's weather Today's Weather
Continuing warm, humid and mostly sunny this evening. Dry in most parts but there'll be some heavy, possibly thundery, showers in far western parts of the province. Winds will be light to moderate and mainly east to southeasterly, but northwesterly in western coastal parts.

Tonight's Weather
Showers in western parts will die out early tonight and it will be dry otherwise for the rest of the night. Very mild and humid with some mist and fog patches and with temperatures only dropping to between 14 and 16 degrees in light variable or easterly breezes.

today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Thursday will be humid and very warm or hot with good sunshine. It will be dry in most parts but some heavy, possibly thundery showers will develop later in the day in western parts. Highest temperatures of 22 to 27 degrees in light to moderate breezes, which will be mainly easterly, but with onshore sea breezes in western and northern coastal parts.