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The Weather Team

Gerald Fleming

The longest-serving weather broadcaster currently appearing on RTÉ television; Gerald Fleming presented his first weather forecast in July 1985. His career has spanned the era from cardboard charts and magnetic symbols to the computer-generated graphical wizardry of today.

From Wexford, where he still lives, Gerald attended the local Christian Brothers school at both primary and secondary level. The boys were expected to work hard, but he enjoyed his years there. He then attended University College Dublin in the mid-1970s, achieving an honours B.Sc. in Experimental Physics following four years of study. There followed a two-year period of research in the Atmospherics Group of the UCD Physics Dept, culminating in the award on an M.Sc. in 1980. He joined the Irish Met Service (as it was then) straight from university; after a training period of about sixteen months he was posted to Dublin Airport to work as an aviation forecaster. Two years later he moved to the Central Analysis and Forecast Office in Glasnevin, Dublin, which is still his base.

In 1990 Gerald was appointed co-ordinator of the RTÉ television weather team; aside from his role as a presenter he works closely with RTÉ graphics, production and engineering personnel, and with Met Eireann technical staff, in planning and implementing changes and improvements to the way the weather is shown on RTÉ, and to the support technology in the background. Gerald is very active in the field of international weather broadcasting; he is serving his second three-year term as Chairman of the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology, and is also Chairman of the Expert Team on Media Issues for the World Meteorological Organisation. He has presented many talks and seminars abroad, to such as the Royal Met Society of the UK; the American Met Society, the BBC, the Festival International de Meteo, and to meteorology students at the University of Barcelona.

Away from weather Gerald pursues an interest in the arts (he served on the board of Wexford Arts Centre for many years, including seven years in the Chair), and in swimming he is currently Chairman of Wexford Swimming Club. He enjoys cooking, and likes nothing better than the company of friends around the table, enjoying good food and wine. He is a member of Wexford Wine Circle. Gerald is married to the architect Mary Duggan; they have three children.


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