Wednesday 29 June 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Bright this afternoon and evening, with sunny spells and showers. Some will be heavy and possibly thundery at first, especially over Ulster, but they will become lighter and more scattered later. Top temperatures of 14 to 19 C., in moderate to fresh southwest to westerly winds.

Tonight's Weather
A lot of dry weather tonight, with some clear spells and just scattered showers. These mainly on exposed coasts. Some rain will push onto the southwest coast around dawn. Lowest temperatures will fall to around 7 to 11 C.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Thursday will be fairly cloudy, with further rain or showers, giving a few heavy bursts in places. But some bright or sunny spells will develop also, with the best of these later in the afternoon and evening. Top temperatures 14 to 18 C., in a moderate southwest breeze.

3 Day Outlook
Headline: Changeable and unsettled conditions continuing for the rest of the week.

Thursday evening scattered showers in the east and north will become isolated with some clear spells for a time but scattered showers in the west will become widespread by morning. Lowest temperatures will be around 8 to 11 degrees in a light to moderate westerly breeze.

Friday will be a cool, breezy and showery day with widespread showers early on which will turn heavy or prolonged at times, especially in the west and north. It will be cool with top temperatures reaching just 13 to 16 degrees in a freshening westerly wind.

Friday night showers will continue in the west and north but become isolated in the east with good clear spells. Lowest temperatures will be around 7 to 10 degrees in a moderate westerly breeze.

There will be scattered showers on Saturday with good sunny spells at first but cloud will increase from the southwest later. Top temperatures will reach 14 to 18 degrees in a moderate westerly breeze. However, a spell of rain will spread eastwards overnight and clear on Sunday morning to isolated showers.

Present indications suggest that high pressure is building from the west for a time on Monday and Tuesday with just isolated showers and top temperatures in the mid to high teens.