coastal reports and sea crossings forecast

Coastal Reports At 11 Pm Saturday 25 October 2014
Malin Head Automatic West-Southwest, 32 Knots, Gust 46 Knots, Recent Rain, 6 Miles, 1004, Steady
Buoy M5 Report Not Available, , The Visibility At Tuskar Lighthouse Is Greater Than 10 Miles, ,
Roche's Pt Automatic Southwest, 18 Knots, Cloudy, 13 Miles, 1016, Steady
Valentia Automatic South-Southwest, 12 Knots, Cloudy, 14 Miles, 1015, Steady
Belmullet Automatic Southwest, 28 Knots, Gust 42 Knots, Cloudy, 5 Miles, 1007, Steady
Dublin Airport Southwest, 18 Knots, Cloudy, 21 Miles, 1012, Steady
Buoy M2 53o 29'N, 5o 26'W South-Southwest, 22 Knots, Wave Ht 2.1 M, 1012, Steady
Buoy M3 51o 13'N, 10o 33'W Southwest, 19 Knots, Wave Ht 5 M, 1016, Steady
Buoy M4 55o 0'N 10o 0'W West-Southwest, 31 Knots, Gust 44 Knots, Wave Ht 6.9 M, 1002, Steady
Buoy M5 51o 41'N 6o 42'W Report Not Available
Buoy M6 53o 4'N 15o 56'W Report Not Available
Disclaimer: buoy locations are approximate and are not for navigational purposes
Sea Crossings State of sea until 2400 Monday 27 October 2014
Dublin - Holyhead Mostly rough
Rosslare - South Wales Mostly rough
Cork - South Wales Rough
Rosslare - France Rough
Cork - France Rough

Sea Area Forecast until 2400 Sunday 26 October 2014 Issued at 2400 Saturday 25 October 2014

Meteorological situation at 2100: A depression of 963 hPa to the south of Iceland is producing a mild, strong southwesterly airflow over Ireland. A slow moving cold front will approach the northwest coast later.

Forecast for coasts from Loop Head to Erris Head to Fair Head

Wind: Southwest force 7 to gale force and gusty, reaching strong gale force at times overnight on coasts from Erris Head to Malin Head. Winds will slowly decrease by late on Sunday evening force 5 to 7.

Weather: Scattered showers and drizzle. More persistent rain will develop later tonight and on Sunday morning.

Visibility: Moderate to poor in showers or drizzle, becoming poor in the rain tomorrow.

Forecast for coasts from Fair Head to Carnsore Pt to Loop Head and the Irish Sea

Wind: Southwest force 5 to 7 and gusty, with gale gusts on the Irish Sea overnight.

Weather: Scattered showers, with rain and drizzle tomorrow mainly on Munster and Ulster coasts.

Visibility: Moderate to poor in precipitation.

Warning of heavy swell: along Atlantic coasts.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 2400 Monday 27 October 2014: Strong to gale force southwesterly winds gradually decreasing fresh to strong by Monday afternoon. Rain and drizzle, especially along northern and western coasts.