coastal reports and sea crossings forecast

Coastal Reports At 12 Noon Wednesday 28 January 2015
Malin Head Automatic West-Northwest, 36 Knots, Gust 55 Knots, Rain Shower, 3 Miles, 996, Rising Slowly
Buoy M5 Report Not Available, , The Visibility At Tuskar Lighthouse Is Greater Than 10 Miles, ,
Roche's Pt Automatic West, 19 Knots, Gust 30 Knots, Fair, 9 Miles, 1010, Rising Slowly
Valentia Automatic West, 23 Knots, Gust 35 Knots, Recent Rain, 10 Miles, 1012, Rising Slowly
Belmullet Automatic West, 13 Knots, Gust 45 Knots, Rain Shower, 4 Miles, 1004, Steady
Dublin Airport West, 21 Knots, Gust 34 Knots, Recent Rain Shower, 13 Miles, 1002, Rising Slowly
Buoy M1 53o 8'N, 11o 12'W Report Not Available
Buoy M2 53o 29'N, 5o 26'W West, 29 Knots, Gust 40 Knots, Wave Ht 2.5 M, 1001, Rising Slowly
Buoy M3 51o 13'N, 10o 33'W West-Northwest, 19 Knots, Wave Ht 6.3 M, 1013, Rising Slowly
Buoy M4 55o 0'N 10o 0'W Northwest, 27 Knots, Gust 40 Knots, Wave Ht Not Available, Pressure Data Not Available, Pressure Tendency Not Available
Buoy M5 51o 41'N 6o 42'W Report Not Available
Buoy M6 53o 4'N 15o 56'W Report Not Available
Disclaimer: buoy locations are approximate and are not for navigational purposes
Sea Crossings State of sea until 1100 Friday 30 January 2015
Dublin - Holyhead Very rough or high.
Rosslare - South Wales Very rough or high.
Cork - South Wales Very rough or high.
Rosslare - France Very rough or high.
Cork - France Very rough or high.

Sea Area Forecast until 1200 Thursday 29 January 2015 Issued at 1200 Wednesday 28 January 2015

Meteorological situation at 0900: A very unstable westerly airflow extends over Ireland.

Forecast for all Irish coastal waters and the Irish Sea

Wind: West force 7 to gale force 8, occasionally strong gale 9, veering northwest overnight.

Weather: Heavy showers.

Visibility: Poor in showers, otherwise good.

Warning of heavy swell: for Atlantic coasts.

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 1200 Friday 30 January 2015: Gale force or strong gale force westerly winds will continue throughout tomorrow afternoon and during Friday.