Coastal Reports And Sea Crossings Forecast

COASTAL REPORTS At 04:00 Monday 31 August 2015
Malin Head Automatic Southwest, 6 Knots, Cloudy, 15 Miles, 1019, Steady
Dublin Airport West-Northwest, 5 Knots, Cloudy, 18 Miles, 1018, Falling slowly
Buoy M5 51 41'N 6 42'W North-Northwest, 8 Knots, Wave ht:0.5 m, The visibility at Tuskar is greater than 10 Miles, 1017, Falling slowly
Roches Point Automatic Northwest, 9 Knots, Cloudy, 21 Miles, 1018, Falling slowly
Sherkin Island Automatic North, 4 Knots, Fair, 26 Miles, 1019, Steady
Valentia Automatic East, 1 Knot, Cloudy, 26 Miles, 1019, Falling slowly
Mace Head Automatic East-Northeast, 3 Knots, Cloudy, 26 Miles, 1019, Steady
Belmullet Automatic North-Northeast, 3 Knots, Light drizzle, 9 Miles, 1019, Steady
Buoy M2 53 29'N, 5 26'W North-Northwest, 8 Knots, Wave ht:0.2 m, 1018, Steady
Buoy M3 51 13'N, 10 33'W East-Northeast, 1 Knots, Wave ht: 1.3 m, 1020, Steady
Buoy M4 55 0'N 10 0'W North-Northwest, 3 Knots, Wave height not available, 1020, Falling slowly
Buoy M6 53 4'N 15 56'W North, 11 Knots, Wave ht: 1.6 m, 1021, Steady
Disclaimer: buoy locations are approximate and are not for navigational purposes

SEA CROSSINGS FORECAST State of sea until Wednesday 2 September 2015 at 05:00 hours
Dublin - Holyhead Slight, occasionally moderate
Rosslare - South Wales Slight
Cork - South Wales Slight
Rosslare - France Slight to moderate, decreasing slight on Tuesday morning
Cork - France Slight to moderate, decreasing slight on Tuesday morning

Sea Area Forecast until 0600 Tuesday 01 September 2015 Issued at 0600 Monday 31 August 2015

Meteorological situation at 0300 A light northerly airflow covers Ireland as an anticyclone of 1025 hPa is building to the west of the country. A showery trough embedded in the flow will slowly cross the country southwards today.

Forecast for all Irish coastal waters and for the Irish Sea

Wind: Northwest or variable force 3 or less, becoming mainly north and increasing force 3 or 4 today occasionally force 5 this afternoon off the northwest coast and in the Irish Sea. Becoming north or northeast force 4 or 5 on Tuesday morning.

Weather: Scattered showers

Visibility: Mostly good, decreasing moderate or poor in showers.

Warning of heavy swell: Nil

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 0600 Wednesday 02 September 2015:
Moderate to fresh north to northwest winds with scattered showers on Tuesday afternoon becoming mainly fair on Wednesday.

Gale Warning: There is no gale warning in operation

Small Craft Warning: There is no small craft warning in operation