today's weather Today's Weather
Today Tuesday will be a cold, breezy day. Early frost and any icy patches will soon clear. Some bright or sunny spells, but showers also, some heavy and with sleet or hail locally this morning. Top temperatures just 4 to 7 C., feeling colder in the brisk westerly wind.


Tonight's Weather
Cold tonight. Windy at first with fresh to strong and gusty west to northwesterly winds, but winds will moderate later in the night. Some heavy and prolonged showers early on, with some hail or sleet in places. But less showery later, with some clear spells developing. Lowest temperatures -1 to plus 1 C., with frost and some icy patches developing.


today's weather Tomorrow
Wednesday will be a cool day, with a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy periods. Early frost and ice will soon clear. Some showers, with the odd heavy one, but dry a lot of the time. Top temperatures 6 to 8 C., in moderate southwest breezes.