today's weather Today's Weather
Warm and humid today. Misty in some places at first but dry with sunny spells this morning. Cloud will build up more this afternoon and there is a risk of a few thundery showers breaking out. Afternoon highs of 23 to 25 degrees C, about 19 degrees on the coast due to a sea breezes this afternoon and also some patches of sea fog could linger in places.


Tonight's Weather
Mild, humid and misty tonight with showery rain for a time, but clearing from most places later in the night. Lowest temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees C.


today's weather Tomorrow
Becoming fresher on Thursday. Possibly a cloudy start, but it will be a bright day with sunny spells developing. A few scattered showers will occur also and afternoon temperatures will be around 21 degrees C., in a moderate south to southwest breeze.