today's weather Today's Weather
Dry, bright and close this afternoon and early evening in Leinster with long spells of hazy sunshine and light to moderate east to southeast or variable breezes. Very warm, highest temperatures 22 to 27 Celsius and just a few degrees cooler along coasts.

Tonight's Weather
Tonight will be dry with clear spells at first, but it will become cloudy later in the night with some showery outbreaks of rain in the west of the province by morning. Very mild and humid, lowest temperatures 14 to 16 Celsius, and light variable winds will become southwest to west by early morning.

today's weather Tomorrow
During Saturday morning showery outbreaks of rain will spread eastwards across the area, the outbreaks persistent in places for a time and heavy in some northern parts. Drier, brighter and fresher weather with some scattered showers will follow from the west during the afternoon. Temperatures will return to more normal values for the time of year, reaching 19 to 22 Celsius and light to moderate west to northwest winds will become moderate northwesterly in the afternoon.